Harvesting Leaf Lettuce: How To Pick Leaf Lettuce

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By Heather Rhoades

Unlike head lettuce, leaf lettuce grows in leaves and doesn’t form a head. The form of these leaves varies depending on the variety you have planted, and the color varies as well. Leaf lettuce is the easiest of lettuces to grow, and you could end up with a great leaf lettuce harvest your first season of planting. Let’s look at how to harvest leaf lettuce.

Before harvesting garden leaf lettuce, you need to plant it. Because this lettuce grows quickly, you can plant it throughout the growing season for harvesting leaf lettuce all season long. Simply stagger your plantings and harvest them as the leaves reach maturity.

How to Harvest Leaf Lettuce

Harvesting leaf lettuce is quite simple. Are you having salad for dinner? Walk out to the garden and pick the mature leaves. When you think about how to pick leaf lettuce, just remember that you don’t want to uproot the whole plant, which will cause the rest of the plant to die off. Be gentle and quickly snap off each mature leaf, leaving behind those that aren’t ready so they can grow bigger for another day.


Make sure you know how to harvest leaf lettuce so that your garden doesn’t become overgrown with large, overly ripened leaf lettuce. If this happens, these leaves are not really usable because they get tough and bitter. Harvesting garden leaf lettuce should be done before these leaves get tough. If you know how to pick leaf lettuce, you can have fresh lettuce in your salads for every meal throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Harvesting leaf lettuce isn’t difficult, and your leaf lettuce harvest can be quite bountiful because of the long growing season.

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