Information About Boston Ferns

Considered as one of the most popular houseplants grown in the home, growing Boston ferns offer lots of unique interest with their lush green fronds. That said, in order to keep your Boston fern plants looking their best, you should arm yourself with the right Boston fern care information. You’ll find all that here…and more.

Information On Care For Boston Fern – Care Tips For A Boston Fern

Boston ferns are popular houseplants and proper Boston fern care is essential to keeping this plant healthy. Learning how to take care of a Boston fern is not difficult, but it is specific. This article will help.

Boston Fern Turning Brown: Treating Brown Fronds On Boston Fern Plant

The Boston fern plant requires plenty of humidity and low light to prevent the fern from turning brown. If you have a Boston fern with brown leaves, it might be cultural or simply the wrong site for the plant. Learn more in this article.

Watering A Boston Fern: Learn About Boston Fern Watering Needs

Watering a Boston fern isn’t rocket science, but understanding how much and how often to water Boston fern requires a bit of practice and careful attention. Too much or too little water are both detrimental. Click here for more info.

Root Nodules On Boston Fern: What Are The Balls On Roots Of Fern Plants

Boston fern, also known as sword fern, is a dependable plant with masses of long, graceful fronds. One might also notice root nodules on Boston fern plants, of which this article explores. Click here for more information.

Boston Fern Outdoors: Can A Boston Fern Be Grown Outside

Boston fern is a lush, old-fashioned plant valued for its lacy, bright green foliage. When grown indoors, this easy-care plant provides an air of elegance and style. But can your grow Boston fern outdoors? Read here to find out.

Boston Fern Repotting: How And When To Repot Boston Ferns

A healthy, mature Boston fern is an impressive plant that displays a deep green color and lush fronds that can reach lengths of up to 5 feet. Although it requires minimal maintenance, it periodically outgrows its container. Learn how to repot Boston fern here.

Boston Fern Propagation: How To Divide And Propagate Boston Fern Runners

The Boston fern is a houseplant popularized during the Victorian era and remains popular still today. Propagating Boston ferns can allow you to grow more and isn’t too difficult. This article will help.

Overwintering Boston Ferns – What To Do With Boston Ferns In Winter

Boston ferns thrive until cold temperatures arrive. Often the ferns are discarded, but throwing them out is not necessary. Read the following article to learn more about winter care for Boston fern.

Pruning Boston Fern – How And When To Prune Boston Fern

Boston ferns are among some of the most popular houseplants grown, but it is often necessary to cut them back in order to maintain their vigorous form. Learn more in this article.

Boston Fern Fertilizer – Tips For Fertilizing Boston Ferns

Boston ferns are among the most popular houseplant ferns grown. Many owners of these handsome plants wish to keep their plants happy and healthy through proper Boston fern fertilizing. This article will help.