Information About Cypress

Lemon Cypress Care: How To Care For Lemon Cypress Outdoors And In The Home

You can start growing lemon cypress trees indoors or outside. Lemon cypress care is not difficult if you know some basic rules. This article will help get you started in growing lemon cypress trees. Click here to learn more.

Cypress Tree Trimming: Information About Cutting Back Cypress Trees

Rejuvenating a cypress tree means trimming, but you have to be careful how you wield those clippers. Cutting back cypress trees too drastically results in dead wood and unattractive trees. Click this article for more information on pruning cypress trees.

Types Of Cypress Trees: Tips For Growing Cypress Trees

While it’s true that their native environment is constantly wet, once they’re established, cypress trees grow well on dry land and can even withstand occasional drought. Learn more about growing these trees here.