Information About Oak Trees

Nothing is as stately as an old oak tree growing in the landscape. There are many types of oak trees that can be grown too. Learn everything you need to know about how to grow an oak tree along with subsequent oak tree care using the information and tips found in the following articles.

Columnar Oak Information: What Are Columnar Oak Trees

If you think your yard is too small for oak trees, think again. Columnar oak trees offer the magnificent green lobed foliage and ridged bark that other oaks have, without taking up all that space. Learn more about them in this article.

Live Oak Tree Care: Learn How To Grow A Live Oak Tree

If you want a graceful, spreading shade tree that is an American native, live oak might be the tree you are looking for. Get more information about how to grow a live oak tree and live oak tree care in this article.

Oak Apple Gall Info: How To Get Rid Of Oak Galls

Oak apple galls look like small, round fruit but they are actually plant deformities caused by oak apple gall wasps. If you want to know how to get rid of oak galls, click this article for oak apple gall treatment and information.

Red Oak Tree Information: How To Grow A Red Oak Tree

Red oak is a handsome, adaptable tree that thrives in nearly any setting. It provides glorious summer shade and reliable fall color for many years to come. Click here for red oak tree information, then learn how to grow a red oak tree.

Facts About Willow Oak Trees – Willow Oak Tree Pros And Cons

Willow oaks are no relation to willows but they seem to soak up water in a similar fashion. Where do willow oak trees grow? They thrive in floodplains and near streams or marshes, but are remarkably drought tolerant, too. Click here to learn more.

Chinkapin Oak Trees – Tips On Growing A Chinkapin Oak Tree

Some facts about chinkapin trees help you recognize them as part of the oak tree family. For example, chinkapin oak trees, like all oaks, grow clusters of buds at the end of branches. This article provides more chinkapin oak information.

Common Oak Trees: Oak Tree Identification Guide For Gardeners

Oaks come in many sizes and shapes, and you’ll even find a few evergreens in the mix. Whether you are looking for the perfect tree for your landscape or want to learn to identify the different types of oak trees, this article can help.

Propagating Oak Trees – Learn How To Grow An Oak Tree

Oak trees are among the most common tree species found in forests, but their number are declining. You can help the tree recover its former glory by starting and planting oak tree seedlings following the instructions in this article.

What Is Oak Wilt: Learn About Oak Wilt Treatment And Prevention

In some areas, oak wilt is becoming endemic, affecting both young and mature oak trees. Read this article to learn about this important disease of oaks. Click here to get additional information.