Information About Urban Gardens

Whether it’s a balcony garden or rooftop garden, urban garden layouts can actually be quite versatile so you don’t have to live out in the country to enjoy growing your favorite plants and veggies. With our urban gardening ideas, you’ll find tips for starting an urban garden of any size. Learn how to grow urban vegetable gardens and care for your plants in the city, even in an apartment. You, too, can enjoy home grown veggies. So keep reading to find all the information you need to create fabulous urban garden layouts anywhere.

Urban Fruit Tree Info: Tips For Growing Columnar Fruit Trees

Columnar fruit trees are basically trees that grow up instead of out. Because the branches are short, the trees are well-suited to small gardens in urban or suburban environments. Learn how to grow these trees in this article.

Plant Trampling And Theft In Gardens: How To Protect Plants From Strangers

Plants near any populated sidewalk, street, easy to access pots and community garden plants can be damaged or preyed upon. Some tips on how to protect plants from strangers may help protect your garden space. Read more here.

Winter Care On Balconies: Tips For Overwintering Balcony Gardens

Balcony gardens in winter do require some extra TLC to ensure their continuing health for the next growing season. Read this article to learn more about balcony winter care for plants.

Community Garden Information – How To Start A Community Garden

Community gardens are great for those with little space. Read here for more community garden information and what to plant in a community garden plot. Click this article to learn more.

Biointensive Balcony Gardening – How To Grow Biointensive Gardens On Balconies

Many plants grow exceptionally well in small spaces using biointensive techniques. So what is biointensive gardening? Read this article to find out more about this easy form of balcony gardening.

Apartment Gardening Guide – Information On Apartment Gardening For Beginners

Living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean living without plants. Gardening on a small scale can be enjoyable and fulfilling. Learn more about apartment gardening in this article.

Allotment Gardens – Learning About Urban Community Gardening

Allotment gardens allow city and apartment dwellers to enjoy the benefits of gardening and foster a spirit of community. The benefits of community gardens are many and can be found in this article.

Urban Garden Space: Recycled Furniture For The Garden

Recycled garden furniture booms as urban communities vow to go green. Learn more about using furniture for the garden in the following article and begin your own recycling project today.

Learn More About Balcony Vegetable Gardening

Growing a vegetable garden on a balcony is not all that difficult, and you can truly have a fruitful balcony vegetable garden. This article will help get you started, so click here now.

Being An Urban Gardener: Creating A City Vegetable Garden

Even if you're an urban gardener with little space, you can still benefit from growing a city vegetable garden. Use the following information to help get you started. Click here to get started.

Gardening Laws And Ordinances – Common Garden Laws

A gardening law can cause your best laid plans to go head to head with local law enforcement, so it is important that you check to see if your locality has any laws that affect your yard. This article will help.

Potted Veggies: Alternative Solutions For Urban Gardeners

What happens if you're an urban gardener lacking enough space for a vegetable garden? Consider growing them in containers. Find out more in this article and make the most of your limited space.

Raised Beds For Urban Settings: No Digging Required

Urban gardeners can put that stack of old newspapers to good use, making the most of their space, by creating raised beds - with no digging. Learn more about this gardening method in the article that follows.

Creating An Urban Patio Garden

One of the greatest things about designing a patio garden is the versatility that it provides. Designing your own urban patio garden is an easy and painless process. Learn more here.

Rock Garden In The City

Did you know that rock gardens are a great way to express yourself in a small space? Find out how to create an urban rock garden in the following article. Click here to learn more.

Rooftop Gardening For City Dwellers

If you enjoy gardening but find yourself limited by space, rooftop gardening can provide an excellent alternative, especially for city dwellers. For help with getting started, read this article.

The Urban Garden

Do thoughts urban gardens bring about barren scenes of concrete slabs with dying plants from the smog-filled air? This is far from the truth. An urban garden can be beautiful. Read more here.

Creating Your Own Rooftop Garden

In more urban areas, a gardener is limited in the amount of space that they have. Rooftop gardens are an ideal way for an urban gardener to expand on space. Learn more here.

City Gardening In The Ozarks: How To Garden In The City

Gardening in the city can be very different than in surrounding rural areas. Learn more about those differences in this article so you can have your own city garden. Click here to learn more.

Benefits Of A Backyard Suburban Garden

In this world of increasing living costs, a backyard suburban garden can provide a family with fresh, delicious, healthy vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Learn more these gardens in this article.