Apply for a GKH Sponsorship for your community or school garden!

Girl (11 years) at community garden, holding sign.

Help your community or school garden grow!.

Are you passionate about gardening within your community but not sure where to get the money to start? Have an existing school or community garden that could use a little extra funding to really take off? Well, to begin with, community gardens shouldn’t be complicated. They should be fun and rewarding for everyone… a place to nourish healthy communities and support gardening and education programs. After all, an education that begins in the garden can last a lifetime, promoting healthier lifestyles and a number of other benefits.

Gardening Know How is pleased to announce our school and community garden sponsorship program! Gardening Know How in conjunction with many generous sponsors of the Gardening Know How site have donated towards creating this sponsorship program. This year we will be awarding 20 sponsorships to 20 selected gardens. Each sponsorship will be for $1000. So whether you are a school looking to involve children in the process of growing a garden or simply wanting to connect with others while adding visibility and mentoring to a current or proposed community garden, our GKH Sponsorship Program would like to be a part of that venture.

Don’t let the idea of managing a school or community garden keep you from reaching its full potential. We would like to help your garden grow. If you are interested in seeking a possible sponsorship for your community gardening project and would like to apply, we encourage you do so. Simply tell us why your school or community garden would be the best choice. Send your application letter to

Unfortunately, we are only able to support a small portion of the total number of sponsorship requests received but by sending us your information, you can add your garden to our list to be considered. Deadline for 2019 sponsorship applications is 10/31/19 and the gardens chosen for sponsorship will be informed by 12/31/19. Remember to make sure to include where your garden is located and how your school or community garden will be using the sponsorship money. If your garden is given a sponsorship, you will need to either post a small sign in your garden letting your community know that you received a sponsorship or you will need to make an announcement in a school or community newsletter.

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