Amy Draiss

Amy Draiss

Digital Community Manager

Amy Draiss, serving as the Digital Community Manager at Gardening Know How since 2021, is responsible for building and maintaining connections within our online community. Her knack for gardening has seamlessly translated into a digital green thumb, allowing her to educate and inspire thousands of gardeners daily on social media.

Amy's journey into the green world began with her hands-on experience in the family landscaping business. She later transitioned into the role of manager at a retail garden center in Northeast Ohio, where she cultivated her knowledge of plants, gardening supplies, and customer relations. Her knack for social media management soon blossomed, allowing her to connect with fellow gardeners and share her wisdom on a wider scale.

Still living in the Midwest, Amy has honed her gardening skills under the challenging conditions of the region. Her two-acre property enables her to cultivate a raised vegetable garden and enjoy a wide range of trees, shrubs and perennials, including a couple of her favorites: hydrangeas and Japanese maples. Fun fact – her deep love for hydrangeas has earned her the title of the Hydrangea Queen here at Gardening Know How.Since joining the team, Amy has assisted in various marketing campaigns, manages email communications, publishes daily on social media and is the voice and author behind many of the team’s YouTube videos, covering a multitude of topics, with a special emphasis on her favorite subject—hydrangeas.During her free time, she enjoys spending quality moments with her family and devoted canine companion, as well as indulging in her love for travel, theme parks, and, of course, gardening.Amy's mission is to offer advice and inspiration for all plant enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting to sow your first seeds, Amy's expertise and genuine passion will help your garden flourish.

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