Armen Adamjan

Armen Adamjan

Content Contributor

Armen Adamjan, the power behind Creative Explained online, is the author of the popular books, Don’t Throw it Out, editions one and two.

Born in Armenia, Armen is a renaissance man in the truest sense. After first relocating to Denmark, when he was a teen, Armen’s family moved to the US. Here Armen learned to speak fluent English in addition to his two other languages. In high school he became a self-taught computer programmer, and mastered the art of filmmaking and editing in addition to being his school’s star break-dancer.

Armen’s passion for plants and gardening led to his famous hacks, tips and tricks presented in fast-paced presentations wherein he instructs his followers on how to manage a no-waste kitchen. His entertaining videos quickly went viral, as well earning him a Tik-Tok following numbering in the millions.

Now with two published books and global recognition, Armen is sometimes referred to as the “plant ninja” and the “Dave Grohl of plants.” Armen’s books are being used in classrooms and corporate settings. His goal is to “help inspire and encourage people of all ages to rethink what sustainability means.”