Geoffrey Johnson

Geoffrey Johnson

Content Contributor and Seeds Expert

Geoffrey Johnson is a Georgia Master Gardener, 2020 Gardening Know How Community Gardening Grant recipient, all around seed saving expert and most importantly, Southern gentleman. He is also the owner/operator of Depend on Planet Earth, also known as DOPE.

Geoffrey started gardening as a fifth grader, when his mother got him some tomato plants. His grandfather got involved, and together they started growing okra, peppers, and more. Geoffrey sold produce to his neighbors until his mother caught on and made him return the money, saying you don't charge your neighbors because they're your friends.

In 2016 that passion was reignited, when he began a backyard garden with family and friends. This led to an association with the school up the street, where he led garden clubs for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. He taught them what he knew about gardening, and they taught him not to embarrass himself in front of a group of elementary school kids.

In 2018 Geoffrey started DOPE (Depend on Planet Earth), an organization that promotes urban gardening.