Janey Goulding

Janey Goulding

Content Editor

A former assistant editor of the UK’s oldest gardening magazine, Janey's gardening passions were fostered from an early age, when her botanically blessed mum had her deadheading hydrangeas, mulching roses and propagating strawberry plants from runners for school open days. Her gardening childhood was a rich education of grow-your-own delights, with figs growing in the greenhouse, homemade blueberry jams piled high, and demijohns filled with her dad’s elderflower sherry experiments.

City living has often meant doing without a conventional outdoor space of her own, but she is slowly transforming her thimble-sized home into a haven of verdant possibilities. She has taken part in many conservation and rewilding projects for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) as a way of exploring her horticultural horizons, whilst helping to cultivate beautiful spaces for others. As well as spending five years working for the UK’s much-loved Amateur Gardening magazine, she has contributed to digital brands GardeningEtc and Homes & Gardens. She is currently undertaking her RHS Level 2 certificate in The Principles of Plant Growth and Development.

Janey’s gardening passions include reclaiming urban spaces for botanical renewal, making the perfect crumbly compost, the magic of potager plots and companion planting, olericulture for all, vertical gardening, container planting, gardening for wildlife, sustainable growing and agroforestry. Her many gardening aspirations include owning a Victorian conservatory, acquiring some proper old-fashioned cold frames and bell cloches, and finding a better system for storing her many seed packets.

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