Melanie Griffiths

Melanie Griffiths

Senior Editor

Melanie has worked in homes and gardens media for two decades. Having previously served as Editor on Period Living magazine, and worked on Homes & Gardens, Gardening Etc, Real Homes, and Homebuilding & Renovating, she is now focusing on her passion for gardening as a Senior Editor at Gardening Know How.

In her spare time, Melanie loves to explore inspiring gardens and historic properties. Based in England, in a village just outside the Cotswolds, she is spoiled for choice as there are so many beautiful cottage gardens and Arts and Crafts schemes in the area.

As a keen home grower, Melanie has experimented with pretty much every type of vegetable at some point – with mixed results. Often it is the simplest things that elude you, which may explain why she just can't seem to master zucchinis.

Thankfully she has more luck with flowers, and has spent the last few years evolving her garden – adding beds and borders, and planting up too many containers.

Though she has more roses than anything else (at least 20 varieties), her favorite flowers are dahlias, and she adores the variety of colors and textures they bring to her garden.

In addition to her gardening expertise, Melanie has also studied interior design, and has a BA in English and IT.

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