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Peach Tree Dwarf Cultivars: Learn About Growing Small Peach Trees

Dwarf peach tree varieties make life easier for gardeners who want a bounteous harvest of sweet juicy peaches without the challenge of caring for full-size trees. At heights of only 6 to 10 feet (2-3 m.), small peach trees are easy to maintain, and they’re ladder-free. As an added bonus, peach tree dwarf cultivars produce fruit in a year or two, compared to about three years for full-size peach trees. The most difficult task is selecting from so wonderful kinds of dwarf peach trees. Read on for a few tips on selecting peach tree dwarf cultivars.

Dwarf Peach Tree Varieties

Small peach trees [1] aren’t difficult to grow, but they are only moderately tolerant of cold temperatures. Peach tree dwarf cultivars are suitable for USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 9, although some are tough enough to withstand chilly winters in zone 4.

El Dorado is a medium-size, early summer peach with rich, yellow flesh and red-blushed yellow skin.

O’Henry are small peach trees with large, firm fruit ready for mid-season harvest. Peaches are yellow with red streaks.

Donut, also known as Stark Saturn, is an early producer of medium-sized, donut-shaped fruit. The freestone peaches [2] are white with a red blush.

Reliance is a good choice for gardeners as far north as USDA zone 4. This self-pollinating tree ripens in July.

Golden Gem, favored for its excellent flavor, produces an early harvest of large, yellow fruit.

Intrepid is a cold-hardy, disease-resistant peach tree that blooms in late spring. The sweet, yellow-fleshed fruit is ideal for baking, canning, freezing or eating fresh.

Redwing produces an early harvest of medium-sized peaches with juicy white flesh. Skin is yellowish covered with red.

Southern Sweet produces medium-sized freestone peaches with red and yellow skin.

Orange Cling, also known as Miller Cling, is a large, clingstone peach with golden yellow flesh and red-blushed skin. Trees are ready for harvest mid- to late season.

Bonanza II produces large, sweet-smelling peaches with attractive red and yellow skin. Harvest is in midseason.

Redhaven is a self-pollinating tree that produces all-purpose peaches with smooth skin and creamy yellow flesh. Look for peaches to ripen in mid-July in most climates.

Halloween produces large, yellow peaches with a red blush. As the name suggests, this late peach is ready for harvest in late autumn.

Southern Rose ripens early, producing medium-size yellow peaches with a red blush.

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