Ali Baba Watermelon Care: Tips On Growing Ali Baba Melons


Not all watermelons are created equal, and taste and texture can vary among cultivars. Any gardener disappointed by a mealy crop or by fruit that isn’t entirely sweet knows this. That’s a great reason to consider Ali Baba watermelon plants. With so many gardeners listing these as their favorites, it only makes sense to try growing Ali Baba melons in your own garden. Read on for more information on Ali Baba watermelon care.

Ali Baba Information

If you like your watermelons big and sweet, think Ali Baba watermelon plants. They have been winning praise from home gardeners and watermelon lovers alike. The thick, tough rinds on these melons make them easy to store and easy to ship. What home gardeners rave about though is the taste. Many term these the best-tasting watermelons available today.

Watermelon plants are warm-season annuals in the same family as cucumbers and squash.

Ali Baba watermelon plants are vigorous and large, offering a generous yield of 12 to 30 pound (5-14 kg.) melons. The fruit are oblong and look lovely in the garden. Their rinds are very hard and an attractive shade of light green that helps them tolerate direct sun without burning.

How to Grow an Ali Baba

If you are wanting to grow Ali Baba watermelons, it’s easy! The first step is picking the right site to sow the seeds. Like many fruit crops, Ali Baba watermelon plants require a full sun location.

Light soils are best, especially those with a large sand content. Ali Baba watermelon care is much easier when the soil drains well. You should sow the seeds ½ inch (1 cm.) deep after the last frost.

Part of figuring out how to grow an Ali Baba is learning how far apart to space the seeds. Allow them a little elbow room by thinning so that there is one melon plant every 12 to 18 inches (31-46 cm.).

Ali Baba Watermelon Care

Once you have planted seeds and are growing Ali Baba melons in your yard, you’ll need to think about water. Irrigation has to be regular. You must keep the soil moist at all times.

Keep up the care for 95 days, then the fun begins. Nothing beats Ali Baba watermelons for flavor.

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