Basil Plant And Flies: Does Basil Keep Flies Away?

Herbal plants have many beneficial properties. Some herbs are useful companion plants that prevent pest problems. It is said that basil can keep flies from pestering you. Does basil keep flies away? Let’s separate the fact from the fiction and get an answer to the pesky question regarding basil and flies. Basil is one of the warm season herbs that are classics in summertime cooking. The plant requires plenty of sun and heat but basil can be grown indoors by a southern window for convenience. There are many varieties of basil, adding a twist on the plant’s flavor in essences of citrus, licorice, cinnamon and spice. Flies on Basil The intense scent and oil in basil and many other herbs are often used to deter common household pests. The pungent herb seems to repel flies and basil pest control has been used since ancient times. Basil is intolerant of cold temperatures and … Continue reading Basil Plant And Flies: Does Basil Keep Flies Away?