Indoor Potted Green Chives
chives in a pot
(Image credit: Claudia Nass)

Growing chives indoors make perfect sense so that you may have them near the kitchen. Use chives liberally in dishes; chives growing indoors will benefit from a regular trim. Keep reading to learn more about how to grow chives indoors.

How to Grow Chives Indoors

A sunny south window offers the six to eight hours of full sunlight needed when growing chives inside. Rotate pots if chives are reaching toward the light. If a sunny window is not an option, chives growing indoors can get the necessary light from a fluorescent fixture 6 to 12 inches (15-30.5 cm.) above the pot. Two 40-watt bulbs work best when growing chives inside. Chives growing indoors appreciate other growing pots close by to provide humidity as well as a fan for air circulation. Humidity for indoor chives may also be provided by nearby pebble trays filled with water or miniature water features nearby. Misting with a water bottle can also help prevent low humidity. Chives growing inside should be watered when the soil is dry to the touch on the top. Low-dose fertilization is recommended for growing chives indoors. A water-soluble fertilizer at half strength may be applied twice per month; heavier doses may weaken the taste of the chives. When growing chives indoors, pests should be minimal. Often the aroma of chives acts as a pest repellent, but in the event of insect problems, spray well with soapy water. This can be applied as needed.

Tips for Planting Chives Indoors

To begin growing chives indoors, fill a 6-inch (15 cm.) clay pot with a well-draining potting medium that you have pre-moistened. Soil should form a ball when squeezed, but not be soggy or dripping water. Broadcast seeds over the pre-moistened medium and cover with a fine layer of the pre-moistened soil, about ¼ inch (6 mm.) deep. Place in the lighted area. Seeds may be kept moist until germination with a mist of water, weak plant food, or weak compost tea. Chives germinate within two weeks, often more quickly. Growing chives indoors offers a handy and easy way to season your food and brighten your space.

Becca Badgett

Becca Badgett was a regular contributor to Gardening Know How for ten years. Co-author of the book How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden, Becca specializes in succulent and cactus gardening.