Herbal Wedding Décor – Ways To Use Herbs In Your Wedding

Herbal Wedding Flower Bouquet
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Getting ready for your big day is incredibly exciting, but it can also be stressful and expensive. Herbal wedding décor is a modern way to inject color, scent and beauty without breaking the bank. Using herbs in your wedding harkens back to the rites of the past, but it's making a comeback. Some ideas on an herb themed wedding can help get you started. 

Herbs are useful for more than flavoring your favorite dishes. Historical uses in medicinal and scented preparations also feature prominently. A new use, as wedding herbs, draws upon the language of love and is a perfect way to stimulate your and your guests’ senses. 

Tips on an Herb Themed Wedding

You don't need to be a professional designer to slip herbs into your wedding. Simple uses as a plate garnish or a small potted herb as a give-a-way will bring their fresh influence to bear easily and cheaply. Herbs come in many shapes and sizes and their use can be expanded in the bridal altar or trellis, as a drink garnish, boutonnière and bouquet, table arrangements, pressed in invitations, and celebratory garland. While fresh flowers make lovely decorations for the cake, herbs will also dress it up appealingly. Pretty much anywhere you would use flowers you can add in wedding herbs. 

Types of Herbal Wedding Décor

If you are considering adding herbs to your wedding, a list of the prettiest, most aromatic, and traditional might be helpful. For the small tasks but with powerful scent and delicate foliage try:

If you want to bring flowering herbs nothing can beat lavender. It will also bring an unmatchable scent to the ceremony and can be part of arrangements or plucked to make an aromatic confetti to celebrate the end of the rite. In season you can also add borage, bee balm, dill, and oregano flowers. In garlands and as chair decor use the elegant eucalyptus. Its aroma and silvery leaves are fresh and mix with anything. Other decorative herbs might be:

Herbal Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Herbs really make an impact in a bouquet. Whether you are making it yourself or using a florist, consider what vision you have for your arrangement. A simple posy made with baby roses, sage, bay's breath, and rosemary is a sweet herbal bridal bouquet that is DIY. 

For an absolutely breathtaking arrangement, pull out all the stops with eucalyptus, peonies, fern, and lavender. Herbs will really set off any flowers and are perfect for the groom's boutonnière. Make the wedding party's arrangements with the same notes to tie the whole look together. There are dozens of ways to use magnificent herbs in your wedding.

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