Information On How To Control Or Eliminate Horseradish Plants

Information On How To Control Or Eliminate Horseradish Plants

By: Kathee Mierzejewski
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Horseradish is a plant that can grow anywhere once started. This trait makes it both an easy to grow herb and an unwanted invasive that leaves gardeners wondering how to eliminate horseradish plants. When it comes to trying to get rid of horseradish, most people have difficulty doing so because of its hardiness. Keep reading to learn more about how to kill horseradish plants or to simply control them.

Tips for Controlling Horseradish

If you have had difficulty controlling horseradish, there are a few things to remember. First of all, horseradish is one of those plants that grows from cultivars. This means that the smallest piece of root can yield plants. Controlling horseradish is difficult because of this hardy trait.

Basically, controlling horseradish is best done by digging up as much of the plant as possible, including the roots, every year. By doing this, you can eliminate some of the plants, and make a good attempt at keeping these plants in the area you want it located instead of allowing it to spread.

One way to keep

your horseradish under control is to prepare the area before you even plant it. Sometimes using a large barrel or bucket underground to plant the roots in will help to keep the horseradish reined into one area of your yard or garden. Controlling horseradish is easier than killing it, so preparation before planting is probably the best control chance you will get.

How to Kill Horseradish Plants

When you are thinking about killing horseradish plants, your best bet is to dig them up as much as possible first. There is no chemical or natural agent that will kill the plant completely if it is growing wildly. Killing horseradish plants isn’t difficult, but it is tedious because you have to keep up on it.

If you are trying to eliminate horseradish plants, you should realize that digging up the roots is the best way to eliminate as much as possible. Once you do that, you can wait and see what grows and use a chemical or natural weed killing agent on the area to kill off the rest. This process will need to be repeated until the plant does not come back.

Instead of killing horseradish, consider camouflaging it. Depending on how large a patch of plants you have, eliminating horseradish is best done by just mowing over the area and planting some grass seed among the mowed plants. This way, the plant isn’t eliminated, but it is controlled and it should stop spreading if you keep it mowed.

Eliminating horseradish can be done, but be aware that if you want to get rid of horseradish, you’ll probably have to do a lot of work. This includes digging, chopping, cutting and spraying.

One final note on how to kill horseradish plants: do not try using a rototiller to eliminate horseradish plants. Rototilling doesn’t work because it just makes a whole bunch of root pieces in the ground; each makes a new plant and makes it easier for the horseradish to spread.

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