How To Grow Green Crop Beans: Caring For Green Crop Bush Beans

Green Crop Bush Beans
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Green crop green beans are snap beans known for their crisp flavor and wide, flat shape. The plants are dwarf, staying knee high and growing just fine without support. If you’ve never heard of Green crop bush beans, you may need more information. Read on for an overview of this heirloom bean variety including tips on how to grow these beans.

Green Crop Green Beans

This bush snap bean variety has been around for a long time, delighting gardeners with the excellent pods and easy garden performance. In fact, green crop bush beans earned their way into "All America Selections" in 1957. These dwarf plants grow to a height of 12 to 22 inches high (30-55 cm.). They stand perfectly well on their own and do not need a trellis or staking. 

Planting Green Crop Beans

Even if you love snap beans, you don’t need to go overboard when planting green crop beans. One planting of bean seeds is sufficient to keep a small family supplied with tender pod beans three times a week during the three weeks the plant produces. The key is to pick the pods young, before seeds develop. If three weeks of snap beans is not enough to keep your family happy, make successive plantings every three or four weeks.

How to Grow Green Crop Beans

Those planting this bean variety can be assured an easy harvest. Green crop bean seeds are a great first crop for new gardeners since they require little effort and suffer from few disease and pest problems. If you are looking for specifics about how to grow these beans, direct sow the seeds one and a half inches (4 cm.) deep in well-draining soil during the warm season. Space them six inches (15 cm.) apart. The beans do best in rich soil that gets plenty of sun. Keep the soil moist but not wet. 

Your green crop bush beans will germinate in about ten days and mature some 50 days from germination. Start harvesting the beans early if you want to get the biggest possible crop. You’ll get fewer beans if you let the inner seeds develop. The green beans grow to about seven inches (18 cm.) long with green pods and white seeds. They are string less and tender.

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