Protecting Your Cabbages From Cabbageworm And Cabbage Moth

Cabbageworms and cabbage moths are the most common pests of cabbage. These pests can cause serious damage to both young plants as well as older ones, and extensive feeding can also prevent head formation. Therefore, early detection is essential for effective cabbageworm control. Most Common Cabbageworm Pests The Imported cabbageworm (the larval form of the Cabbage White butterfly having white wings with one or two black spots per wing) is velvety green with a narrow, light yellow stripe down the middle of its back. These worms tend to feed closer to the center of the plant. Cross-Striped cabbageworms are bluish gray with numerous black stripes running cross-wise. A black and yellow stripe also runs along the length of the body. Larvae feed on all tender parts of the plant, but prefer buds. Young leaves and buds are often riddled with holes. Also, watch for cabbage loopers on the undersides of … Continue reading Protecting Your Cabbages From Cabbageworm And Cabbage Moth