Learn About Saving Carrot Seeds

Is it possible to save seeds from carrots? Do carrots even have seeds? And, if so, why haven’t I seen them on my plants? How do you save seeds from carrots? A hundred years ago, no gardener would have asked these questions, but times changed; laboratories began developing new strains and pre-packaged seeds became the norm. Seed Saving in the Garden In the past, it was a common practice among flower and vegetable gardeners to save seeds. From carrots, lettuce, radishes and other fine seeded species to the larger seeds of beans,¬†pumpkins and tomatoes, every gardener kept a stash of their favorites to plant again or trade with friends. Modernization gave us hybridization — cross breeding. In spite of recent complaints, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It allowed farmers to grow larger quantities with fewer problems and to ship their produce over long distances safely. Unfortunately, many of these … Continue reading Learn About Saving Carrot Seeds