Anuenue Batavian Lettuce: How To Grow Anuenue Lettuce Plants

(Image credit: Forest and Kim Starr)

Don’t ignore the lettuce ‘Anuenue’ just because the name looks difficult to pronounce. It’s Hawaiian, so say it this way: Ah-new-ee-new-ee, and consider it for a garden patch in high-heat areas. Anuenue lettuce plants are a heat-tolerant form of Batavian lettuce, sweet, and crisp. If you want more information on Anuenue Batavian lettuce, or tips for growing Anuenue lettuce in your garden, then read on.

About Lettuce ‘Anuenue’

The lettuce ‘Anuenue’ has delicious, crisp green leaves that are never bitter. That’s a great recommendation in and of itself for growing Anuenue lettuce, but the real attraction is its heat tolerance. In general, lettuce is known as a cool weather crop, coming into its own before and after other summer veggies are ready for harvest. Unlike most of its cousins, Anuenue lettuce has seeds that will germinate at warmer temperatures, even 80 degrees F. (27 C.) or greater. Anuenue lettuce plants grows slower than many other varieties. While that may seem like a disadvantage, it actually works to your benefit it you live in a warm climate. It’s the slow growth that gives Anuenue lettuce their size and sweetness, even in heat. When the heads mature, they are untouchable for crispness and sweetness, never getting even a hint of bitterness. The heads of Anuenue look quite a bit like iceberg lettuce, but they are greener and larger. The heart is tightly packed and the leaves compact as the crop matures. Although the word “anuenue” means “rainbow” in Hawaiian, these lettuce heads are actually a bright green.

Growing Anuenue Lettuce

Anuenue Batavian lettuce was bred at the University of Hawaii. That won’t surprise you once you know that this variety is heat tolerant. You can plant Anuenue lettuce seeds in spring or fall for a crop of big heads 55 to 72 days later. If it’s still chilly in March, start the plants indoors before the last frost. In fall, direct sow Anuenue lettuce seeds into the garden soil. The lettuce requires a sunny location and well-draining soil. The biggest task you’ll face in growing Anuenue is regular watering. Like other types of lettuce, Anuenue Batavian lettuce likes to get regular drinks.

Teo Spengler

Teo Spengler has been gardening for 30 years. She is a docent at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Her passion is trees, 250 of which she has planted on her land in France.