What Is A Brandywine Tomato – Tips On Growing Pink Brandywine Tomatoes

Heart Shaped Brandywine Tomato
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There are so many great varieties of heirloom tomatoes available to the home gardener today, that it can make the selection process more challenging. One that every tomato lover should include in the garden is the delicious Pink Brandywine. With some basic Pink Brandywine information, you can easily enjoy these tomatoes this summer.

What is a Brandywine Tomato?

Brandywine will never win an award for the prettiest tomato, but it just might win for tastiest. This is a rich, full-flavored tomato that doesn’t disappoint. The fruits are large, about a pound (454 g.) each, and are often a little misshapen or ridged. The skin is a pinkish-red color, hence these tomatoes are often referred to as Pink Brandywines. These tomatoes can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen, but they are prized for simply slicing and enjoying raw and fresh right off the vine. They do ripen later in the season than other varieties, but the wait is well worth it.

How to Grow a Pink Brandywine Tomato

Growing Pink Brandywine tomatoes isn’t much different from growing other tomatoes. The plants need full sun and should be spaced 18 to 36 inches (45 to 90 cm.) apart or in separate containers. Soil should be nutrient-rich and should drain well and regular watering is crucial. The plants need one to two inches (2.5 to 5 cm.) of rain per week, so water as needed. Insufficient water or watering that isn’t consistent can lead to cracking of the fruits. With good Pink Brandywine care, you should get a modest harvest as much as 30 days after other varieties of tomato. This type of tomato plant is not a big producer, but it will give you some of the tastiest tomatoes you have ever had, and fruits long after others have stopped producing.

Mary Ellen Ellis

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