GKH's Complete Guide To Flowers

Want grow bold, bright, beautiful flowers? Check out the Gardening Know How guide to growing ornamental flowers, trees, and shrubs.

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Did you know that according to recent research, there are nearly 400,000 flowering plants in the world? However, despite the impressive number of options available to gardeners, fewer than 5% of those plants are regularly grown. So what are the most common ornamentals around the world? Well, here are some of the most popular flowers according to Gardening Know How visitors. Click the image to learn more:

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Full Sun vs. Shade: Understanding Your Flower Options

Just like people, some flowers live for the sunshine while others would much rather have some protection from the rays. This means that the key to growing happy, healthy flowers usually starts with knowing which ones will thrive in different parts of your garden.

Want More Flowers? Try These Bushes, Shrubs & Trees

Many of the most popular flowers grown around the world are actually found on bushes, shrubs, and trees. Want to learn more about how to grow them in your garden? Get the know how on growing your favorites by clicking below:

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