Get the Dirt on When to Start Planting Seeds

Are you looking to save money and up your gardening game at the same time? Why not consider growing plants from seed? Seeds are cheaper than seedlings, and much more versatile. They also last longer, and can be planted on your schedule. (There’s nothing more nerve wracking, after all, then buying a bunch of plants and trying to find the time to get them all in the ground).

Growing from seed is also a fantastic way to get your hat in the gardening ring earlier in the season. Even if you live in a climate with shorter summers, indoor seed starting can get you planning — and planting — your garden while there’s still snow on the ground. And as any gardener in winter will tell you, the sooner you can get your hands back in the dirt, the better.

Here we’ll be covering the basics of how to start seeds indoors and in the garden, as well as some of the most popular plants you can start from seed.

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Start Your Favorite Fruits & Vegetables From Seed

Lemons growing on a tree

Lemon Seeds

Have you ever cut open a lemon, picked out the seeds, and wondered “Can I plant these?” The answer is yes! Granted, you might not be harvesting lemons any time soon, but you will get a beautiful, fast growing tree that smells amazing.

Click here to get all the Gardening Know How tips and tricks to grow lemons from seed.

Tomato Seeds

Sure, they’re technically also fruit, but tomatoes are still the most common plant grown in vegetable gardens around the world.

Did you know that starting tomatoes from seed actually opens up a world of possibilities? It’s true! By starting with seeds you no longer limit yourself to the varieties available at your local garden center.

Tomatoes growing on a plant

What about indoor plants? Can you start houseplants from seed as well? You certainly can! While rooting houseplants from cuttings is much more common practice, there’s nothing stopping you from growing houseplants from seed, and even harvesting the seeds yourself from your current plants. To learn more about this technique, and about other houseplant propagation methods, click the button below.

Start Your Favorite Flowers From Seed

Can you grow any plant from seed? The technical answer is yes. But the practical answer is that some things you probably won’t want to. Some plants, if started from seed, will take years to produce fruit or reach the size and shape you’re interested in. For some gardeners, of course, that’s half the fun.

Vegetables are the most common choice for gardeners looking to grow plants from seed, but there’s no reason to stop there. Want to know how to plant seeds to grow your favorite flowers? Here are a few of the most searched-for seed starting tips on Gardening Know How.

So whether you’re starting vegetable seeds indoors for an early summer harvest, or harvesting spider plant seeds to germinate your own houseplants, there’s something in the wide world of seed starting for you. Now get planting!


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