Monarch Butterflies – The Super Generation and How You Can Help Their Fall Migration

By: , The Thoughtful Gardener

Welcome to our series of videos exploring how we can support butterfly migration by planting fueling stations that will support them on their incredible journey.

Let’s learn about this Super Generation of monarch butterflies, who will live much longer and travel much farther than their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Over the course of the summer, several generations of monarch butterflies are born, gradually migrating north along the way. Come fall, however, the newest generation embarks on an incredible journey south, covering all the distance their ancestors have traveled —  some 3,000 miles all the way to Mexico. It’s a hard trip, and one that requires lots of energy and stops along the way. That’s where we can come in, planting fueling stations of flowers where the monarchs can recharge and eat their fill.

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