Information About Landscape Ideas

When it comes to landscaping in the garden, it’s all about personal style and there are few limits when it comes to creating your own beautiful and original landscape ideas. Are you looking for simplicity and serenity, or do you have time for a more elaborate landscape? Maybe a unique, themed garden, a formal garden or a garden for kids? The following articles should help inspire some creative ideas for the landscape.

What Is Color Blocking: Tips On Color Blocking With Plants

The problem with adding too many bright plants is that it can quickly turn from “eye catching” to “eyesore” as they clash and become uncomplimentary. To avoid this, you can use color blocking in the garden. What is color blocking? Click here for the answer.

What Is A Pocket Garden – Information On Pocket Garden Design

Pocket gardens allow you the opportunity to brighten a space with living plants in underutilized spaces. Some pocket garden information can get you started on developing your own unique style in the landscape. This article will help with that.

Wabi-Sabi Garden Design: Implementing Wabi-Sabi In Gardens

Have you heard of wabi sabi garden design? Wabi sabi gardening allows the gardener and visitors to explore the beautiful ways nature changes manmade objects and landscapes. You can learn more about this interesting gardening concept in this article.

Pastel Garden Ideas – Tips For Creating A Pastel Garden

Pastel colors can make us feel relaxed, refreshed and peaceful. In a garden space intended for peace, quiet and relaxation, pastel garden schemes are often used. For more information about using pastels in the garden and types of pastel flowers, click here.

DIY Mandala Gardens – Learn About Mandala Garden Design

If you've taken part in the recent adult coloring book fad, you are no doubt familiar with mandala shapes. Besides coloring books, people are now incorporating mandalas in their daily life by creating mandala gardens. What is a mandala garden? Find out here.

What Is A Dry Creek Bed: Tips On Creating A Dry Creek Bed For Drainage

You may decide to implement dry stream beds for drainage, thus preventing erosion by reducing runoff. On the other hand, you may simply like the way it looks! Click this article to learn about creating a dry creek bed in the landscape.

What Are Moondials – Tips On Using Moondials In Gardens

Most everyone knows and loves sundials – those outdoor clocks that use the sun to tell time. Except they don’t work at night. That’s where moondials come in. Find more moondial information, like using moondials in gardens, in this article.

Sundial Uses For Gardens: Tips On Using Sundials In Gardens

Sundials are ancient time-telling devices that have been around for thousands of years – long before primitive clocks were created in the 1300s. Sundials in the garden create artistic conversation pieces. Click this article for more information.

Common Landscape Design Problems: Tackling Issues With Landscape Design

A properly designed landscape will display your style with unity. Your landscape should be appealing and inviting, not an eyesore for the neighborhood. Click here for common issues with landscape design and how to avoid them.

Landscaping Ideas To Hide Utility Boxes: Tips On Hiding Utility Boxes With Plants

No matter how carefully you landscape your garden, there are some things you just can’t get away from. Utility boxes for things like electricity, cable, and phone lines are the perfect example of this. Learn more about camouflaging utility boxes here.

What Are Garden Gnomes: Uses For Garden Gnomes In The Landscape

The history of garden gnomes is long and storied, rooted in folklore and superstition. Their rise in modern popularity can be explained by taking a look at traditional garden gnome information and their historical use and genesis. Learn more here.

Coloring Garden Structures: Tips On Using Color On Landscape Structures

Painting garden structures a delightful way to introduce color all year around. Whatever reason you may have, this fun outdoor trend can really add pop to the garden and is an easy way to transform old structures. Learn more in this article.

Technology and Garden Gadgets – Tips On Using Technology In Landscape Design

Using technology in landscape architecture has become easier than ever. There are loads of web-based programs and mobile apps that handle practically all phases of landscape design, installation and maintenance. Click here to learn more.

Best Plants To Cover Walls – Tips For Using Plants On Walls

If you have a wall you do not love, remember that you can use trailing plants to cover it. Not all wall covering plants are the same, however, so do your homework on what and how to plant. Click here for more information.

Garden Seating Ideas: What Are The Different Types Of Garden Seating

Your outdoor living spaces should be as nice as the interior of your home. Exterior seating for gardens offer comfort to you and your family but also give the chance to show a little whimsy and fun. This article has tips that can help.

Mirrors In A Garden: Tips On The Use Of Mirrors In Garden Design

If you suddenly find yourself in the possession of a large extraneous mirror, count yourself fortunate. Mirrors in a garden are not only decorative but reflect the play of light and make small spaces seem larger. Learn more about how to use them here.

Halloween Garden Décor: Tips For Halloween Decorating In The Garden

Looking for ways to give your scary Halloween garden the “aura of the season” in an inviting way? Well, look no further. It’s not only easier but better for everyone when Halloween decorating in the garden is based on a theme. Learn more here.

Creating A Focal Point: What To Add For A Focal Point In The Garden

Because focal points in gardens draw the eye to something, it is important to decide what to use when creating focal points. The following article can help with that. Click here for information on using focal points.