Front Yard Outdoor Space - Designing Seating In Front Of The House

Front Yard With White Lawn Furniture And Flowers
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Many of us consider our backyards as the place to hang out. The privacy and intimacy of a patio, lanai, deck, or gazebo is usually reserved for the rear of the home. However, a front yard outdoor space creates a neighbor friendly, attractive place to meet friends and family. It is a welcoming addition to your home. A front yard living area will foster a sense of community, while it gives you a place to observe your beautiful garden. 

Porches are classic bastions of neighborhood chat and quiet evening retreats. This common feature is often part of the home, but you can develop other types of seating in front of the house. These can be simple sites, or involve a landscape architect. Front yard seating locations are easy to tailor to even the smallest budget. Think comfy and let your imagination wander. 

Easy Front Yard Seating

If you need a living space in front of the house that is simple, inexpensive, and yet hospitable, consider adding a fire feature. This could be an outdoor fireplace, but the easiest structure is a fire pit. Situated inside an enclosure of fire-proof gravel or concrete pavers, it can be a dug in affair, or a purchased upright unit. You can go with firewood, or get fancy with propane. Another warm and friendly, but DIY front yard outdoor space is to create a patio. You can purchase concrete forms in different styles, buy paving stones, use brick, or just make a level sight filled with rock or gravel. Dot the area with conversational set ups of furniture. Decorate with some potted plants and you will have a lovely and useful front yard living area. 

Let's Get Fancy

If you are an accomplished carpenter or hire an architect, you can go a bit more extreme on your front yard outdoor space. A trellis or arbor added around an outside seating area warms up the site. Plant flowering vines to brighten up the space. Alternately, build or have built a pergola. You can drape this in vines as well. It will make a nice dappled light area that will keep you cool in summer. Add a water feature for soothing sound. You can purchase one or build your own. A patio area can get an upgrade with flagstone, bluestone, or other types of material. If the home has steps up to the front door, consider tying in a deck with railings. 

Tips on Seating in the Front of the House

Plastic chairs will do, but it you plan on spending a lot of time socializing in the space, select furniture that is comfortable and versatile. Add lighting to warm the space in the evening. This can be wired, candles, or solar. A front yard seating space lacks privacy. A hedge, heavy perennial bed, or fencing can solve this problem. Mix in-ground plants with container plants to really bring the landscape into the area. Don't skimp on comfort. Use cushions, pillows, and even outdoor rugs to set the tone and make an inviting space to share or use alone. 

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.