Regional To-Do List: Maintaining Western Gardens In July


Make no mistake, “the West” is not a bite-size area. As a gardening region, the West includes all of California and Nevada and many different hardiness zones. Still, it’s warm throughout the region in summer, so a regional to-do list is possible.

If you are ready to jump into July gardening, you’ll have plenty of tasks on your plate. Read on for information about what you should be doing in western gardens in July.

July Gardening

Throughout the western hemisphere, the month of July is the heart of summer, meaning that the weather is sunny and warm. April’s showers brought May flowers, and June saw many western gardeners sowing vegetable seeds and planting annuals. You might think that July is a great time for gardeners in the West to sit back and barbeque.

It is, of course. However, plant growth can be phenomenal in western gardens in July. That means that a regional to-do list for this month will include all the usual garden maintenance work as well as some fun planting and harvesting.

What to Do in the West

The July list of what to do in the West starts with simple, predictable tasks like irrigation. Almost every plant, including drought tolerant succulents, appreciate a deep drink when it’s hot and dry. It is critical to water vegetables, like tomatoes, frequently, while tougher veggies like squash and beans do well with a little less.

Ornamentals, like camellias and azaleas, need generous amounts of water on a regular basis in July, and mature trees will require occasional deep watering during a drought. When you install annual flowers, they’ll require almost daily water until they develop as strong root system. The exception to the water-well-in-July rule is California native plants that are accustomed to wet winters and dry summers.

While you’re watering the flowers, take time to deadhead. Clipping off the faded blossoms allows more to grow. Don’t neglect to pluck out weeds as they appear and add mulch to keep more of them from showing up. Did you also know that annuals require regular fertilizer to keep those flowers coming?

What can you plant in western gardens in July? You still have the option in many areas to put on summer crops like early corn, summer squash, and beans. July is an especially good month to plant avocados, since these semi-tropical plants do well in the long weeks of summer heat to follow.

July is also perfect for adding summer annuals. Good choices include:

Herbs like basil can be planted too. It may be time to harvest citrus crops as well as peaches, apricots, and plums.

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