Horoscope Gardening: Picking The Right Plant For Your Zodiac Sign

Small Plants Around A Zodiac Sign Wheel

The plants you put in your garden should speak to you, and in some ways, reflect your personality. Zodiac sign plants further the personal aspect of the landscape. These plants hold traits similar to those in your sign, and reflect your ties to the elements. Star signs are believed to represent earth, fire, water, and air, and may be used to emphasize your perfect plant relationship. 

There are both garden and house plants for Zodiac signs. Selecting plants by Zodiac sign connects your birth date to elemental conditions that are inspired in the plant. 

Choosing Zodiac Sign Plants

When considering plant options, look at your sign and determine its key aspects. The fire elements are represented by Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. They are bold and creative. Earth signs—Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus—are loyal and practical. The element of water is found in Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. They are very sensitive and emotional. Finally, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the signs of air, known to be sharp, flexible, and harmonious. Selecting plants with these traits is a way of using plants by star sign. 

Star Sign Plant Traits

Another way to choose your Zodiac sign plant is by its traits. 

  • Aries- Thorns, prickles, red
  • Taurus- Bright flowers, intense scent, herbals
  • Gemini- Fuzzy leaves, yellow flowers, air plants
  • Cancer- Soft leaves, water plants, night bloomers
  • Leo- Orange and gold flowers, heart shaped leaves
  • Virgo- fall plants, small flowers, delicate leaves and stems
  • Libra- Bold color, light scent, long leaves
  • Scorpio- Red, lilies and exotic flowers
  • Sagittarius- Exotics, heart shaped leaves, herbal scents
  • Capricorn- Flowering herbs, scents, perennial flowers
  • Aquarius- Air cleaners, unusual plants
  • Pisces- Ocean plants, bright colors

Best Plants for Zodiac Signs

Houseplants for Zodiac signs are one way to tie you and your flora together, but there are also herbs, bushes, flowers and other plants that lend themselves to your star sign. 

  • Aries- Begonia, succulents, poppies, tulips, cactus
  • Taurus- Fiddle leaf fig, staghorn fern, daisy, lavender, money tree
  • Gemini- Philodendron, Kalanchoe, piggyback plant, lilac
  • Cancer- Money tree, maidenhair fern, jade plant, jasmine
  • Leo- Bromeliad, aloe, croton, sunflower
  • Virgo- Rubber tree, mint, Sanseveria, Narcissus
  • Libra- Monstera, peace lily, Dracaena, rose
  • Scorpio- Dracaena, spider plant, Hibiscus
  • Sagittarius- Alocasia, prayer plant, Coleus, peony
  • Capricorn- Bonsai, rubber plant, Chinese evergreen, Magnolia
  • Aquarius- Pothos, ivy, bird of paradise, air plants
  • Pisces- ZZ plant, African violet, false Aralia, Echinacea, water lily
Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.