Easter Centerpiece Flowers: Popular Plants For Easter Centerpieces

Indoor Easter Bouquet With Easter Decor
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When it’s spring, you know Easter is just around the corner. It’s not too early to start planning for the family dinner, including flowers for the Easter table. You can easily create a living Easter centerpiece by gathering spring flowers in an attractive vase. Read on to learn more about Easter centerpiece flowers.

Centerpiece Easter Plants

When you are trying to decide on Easter centerpiece flowers, you can either go with fresh flowers or potted plants.

Fresh flowers for the Easter table can include anything currently in bloom, from lilacs to bulb plants like tulips or daffodils. Roses are also an Easter classic. All you need to do is arrange the freshly cut flowers in a special vase or another vessel. Experts recommend cutting them in the morning for best results.

If you are thinking of using a potted plant for table décor, you won’t be alone. Living Easter centerpieces are attractive, ecological, and trendy too. One great idea is to use potted bulb plants to decorate your table. A tight grouping of golden daffodils or a dozen flowering tulip bulb plants is both bright and beautiful. Mixed bulb plants need to be thought through early but can create a refreshing and unusual centerpiece.

But you have options other than bulb plants. Orchids are always popular plants for Easter centerpieces. Displays of potted azalea, roses, or hyacinths also look lovely as centerpiece Easter plants.

Easter Centerpiece Ideas

If you don’t want to just use plants for Easter centerpieces, don’t forget the association between the holiday and colored eggs. Creative ideas that blend eggshells and flowers might be the perfect touch for a variation on centerpiece spring plants.

One idea is to cut off the tip of a raw egg, remove the egg and wash out the shell. Then you can use the egg as a tiny vase for blossoms or succulents. It’s best to use three or more of these in an arrangement.

You can also use wooden Easter eggs, Easter peeps, pom pom Easter chicks, chocolate bunnies, or anything else Easter-themed. These can serve as decorations on their own or can be integrated into living Easter centerpieces.

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