Setting Goals In The Garden – How To Achieve Your Gardening Goals

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Perhaps, you’re new to growing a garden and aren’t quite sure how to get organized. Or maybe you’ve been gardening for a while but never seem to have the results you’ve desired. An important part of achieving the development you want is setting goals in the garden. Read on for tips for sticking to your garden resolutions.

How to Set Goals in the Garden

These may be as detailed as you wish, but don’t make them too complicated. A few achievable goals that you can accomplish are better than a long list of wishes that you can’t get to. Once you’ve completed or are on the way to completing your garden resolutions, you may find you can add other projects.

Your goals may include growing organic food for your family and having plenty left over to put up for the winter months. If so, your plans might include garden goals like starting some plants from seed and purchasing others as seedlings. As such, you’ll start seeds early and purchase seedlings at the right time for planting.

To achieve your gardening goals for this project, you’ll need to prepare the beds and purchase the items you need. This will likely include research to learn the right time to plant and be aware of the proper care and companions for your growing veggies.

You’ll want to have a general idea as to when the harvest comes in and be prepared with canning jars and freezer bags. Produce lasts the longest and captures the best flavor when it can go straight from the garden to the canning jar or freezer.

How to Stick to Your Garden Goals

Remember, all chores are potential goals!

Maybe your gardening goal for the season is to install or revamp a flowerbed. The steps are basically the same, just with different plant materials. Perhaps, you want to add a hardscape feature, maybe a fountain with running water. This adds a couple of steps, as does finishing the beds with a decorative mulch.

While this plan is simple and straightforward, it is an example of how to best list and achieve your gardening goals. Make a list of your plant growing priorities with steps you want to take for each plant. Then, stick to your garden goals and complete all the steps. Check them off your chronological list for a feeling of accomplishment.

Here’s a simple list, a recap, that might be helpful:

Goal: Grow a veggie garden of foods the family likes, with enough left to freeze for winter.

  • Choose vegetables to grow.
  • Research online, or in books or magazines for growing instructions.
  • Locate an appropriate sunny area and prepare the garden bed.
  • Purchase seeds, plants, and other supplies such as fertilizer, freezer bags, and/or canning jars, lids, and seals.
  • Start seeds indoors, except for those that get direct sown into the bed or container.
  • Plant seeds and seedlings into the bed at the appropriate time.
  • Water, weed, and fertilize as plants grow. Prune if necessary.
  • Harvest and prepare for storage.
  • Can or freeze.
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Becca Badgett was a regular contributor to Gardening Know How for ten years. Co-author of the book How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden, Becca specializes in succulent and cactus gardening.