Information About Gardening Lifestyle

A gardening lifestyle is difficult to define, but for most avid gardeners, it means a fair share of hard work and struggle balanced with fruitful rewards. The lifestyle of a gardener is a life spent in cooperation with nature. What does a gardening lifestyle mean to you? The articles below provide a wealth of information on various aspects of the gardening in general.

Gardening During Radiation Therapy – Can I Garden While Doing Chemo

If you are being treated for cancer, staying as active as possible may benefit your physical and mental health. And spending time outdoors while you garden can lift your spirits. But is gardening during chemotherapy safe? Find out more in this article.

Gardening with Lymphedema – Gardening Tips To Prevent Lymphedema

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by all kinds of people, from the very young to their eldest elders. It doesn’t discriminate, even if you’re at risk for lymphedema. Instead of giving up your garden, consider ways to avoid triggering lymphedema symptoms. Learn more here.

What Is A Food Desert: Information About Food Deserts In America

Not everyone has the means to live a healthy lifestyle. What is a food desert in America? What are some of the causes of food deserts? The following article contains information on food deserts, their causes and food desert solutions.

Gardening And Working Life – How To Balance Work And A Garden

If you’d love to have a garden, but you think you have no time for gardening because of your hectic work schedule, the answer may lie in designing a low-maintenance garden. Learn how to balance work and a garden in this article.

Time Saving Tips For Gardeners – How To Make Gardening Easier

If you’ve never gardened before, you might feel both excited and overwhelmed. Where do you begin? You know it can be a lot of work and you wonder how to make gardening easier. What are the best time saving tips for gardeners? Find out here.

It’s Garden Naked Day, So Let’s Get Naked In The Garden!

Ever felt the desire to weed your garden in the buff or daydreamed of walking naked through the flowerbed? Well, my friends, you can do just that. It’s Annual World Naked Gardening Day. Click here to learn more.

What Is A Master Gardener: Learn About Master Gardener Training

So you say you want to become a master gardener? What is a master gardener and what steps must be taken to achieve that goal? The tips and information found in this article will answer these questions and help get you started. Click here for more info.

What Is Guerrilla Gardening: Information On Creating Guerrilla Gardens

What is guerrilla gardening? The practice is intended to make unused and neglected spaces beautiful, green and healthy. Read this article for more information on guerilla gardening practices.

Garden Plant Irritants: What Plants Irritate The Skin And How To Avoid Them

Plants have protective mechanisms just like animals. Skin irritant plants abound in the home landscape. Use the information in the following article to learn more and how to avoid a painful outbreak.

Gardening With Friends: Garden Clubs And Plant Societies

Along with seeking out great gardening websites to gain experience with your gardening, seek out local societies or clubs as well. Get started learning more about gardening clubs in this article.

Out Of Town Garden Care: Garden Tips For Travelers

For gardeners, planning a vacation always adds an extra complication – how can you enjoy your time away if you’re concerned that your carefully planned and well-tended garden will be dead or dying by the time you return? This article will help.

Gift For Gardening: Is The Green Thumb A Myth?

Green thumb gardening is just that--a myth, at least as I see it. When it comes to growing plants, there are no inherent talents, no divine gift for gardening, and no green thumb. Learn more here.

The Love Of Gardening – How To Enjoy Addictive Hobbies For Less

Gardening is the most addictive hobbies in America. As a gardener myself, I know firsthand just how addictive this pastime can be. Get tips for managing your garden addiction in this article.

Garden Fitness: Learn About Exercise In The Garden

Did you know gardening is actually good for you? Gardening is an enjoyable pastime that is widely available to anyone interested. Learn more about maintaining a garden for health in this article.

Dog Lover’s Gardening Dilemma: Training Dogs In The Garden

Many gardeners are also avid pet lovers. A common dilemma is keeping gardens and lawns in tip-top shape in spite of the family dog! Learn more about dog proof gardens in this article.