Gardening And The Internet: Gardening Online With Social Media

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social media
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Since the birth of the internet or worldwide web, new information and gardening tips are instantly available. Although I still love the collection of gardening books that I have spent my entire adult life collecting, I will admit that when I have a question about a plant, it is so much easier to do a quick search online than to thumb through books. Social media has made finding answers to questions, as well as gardening tips and hacks, even more easy. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of garden social networking.

Gardening and the Internet

I am, unfortunately, old enough to remember the days when you went to the library sorted through book after book and jotted down notes in a notebook when you were researching a gardening project or plant. These days, however, with the popularity of social media, you don't even need to go seeking for answers or new ideas; instead, our phones, tablets, or computers notify us all day of new garden or plant related material. I also remember the days when if you wanted to join a gardening club or group, you physically had to attend meetings held at a certain location, at a specific time, and if you didn’t mesh well with all the members you just had to suck it up because these were the only gardening contacts you had. Social media has changed the whole game of gardening socially. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram and other social media sites allow you to connect with gardeners all over the world, ask questions directly to your favorite garden writers, authors, or experts while providing you with an endless supply of gardening inspiration. My phone pings and dings all day with gardening pins I might like from Pinterest, flower and garden pictures from those I follow on Twitter or Instagram, and comments on conversations in all the plant and gardening groups I'm in on Facebook.

Gardening Online with Social Media

Social media and gardens is becoming more popular than ever. Everyone has his or her favorite social media outlets. I personally found that Facebook gives me a better opportunity to garden socially because I have joined many plant, gardening, and butterfly groups, which constantly have conversations going on that I can read, join in on, or ignore at my leisure. The downfall to Facebook, in my opinion, can be the negative, argumentative, or know-it-all types who seem to only have a Facebook account to argue with people. Remember, garden social networking is supposed to be a way to unwind, meet kindred spirits, and learn new things. Instagram and Pinterest are my go-to social media outlets to find new inspiration and ideas. Twitter has allowed me a much wider platform to share my gardening knowledge and learn from other experts. Each social media platform is unique and beneficial in their own way. Which one(s) you choose should be based on your own experiences and preferences.

Darcy Larum