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Do you have plants that for one reason or another you don’t want? Did you know you could donate plants to charity? Giving away plants to charity is a kind of garden donation that those of us with a surplus can and should do.

If you are interested in donating unwanted plants, the following article contains all the plant donation info you need to get started.

Plant Donation Info

There are many reasons for unwanted plants. Perhaps the plant has become too large, or you need to divide a plant to keep it healthy, and now you have more of the species than you need. Or maybe you just simply don’t want the plant anymore. 

The perfect solution is donating unwanted plants. There are several options for giving plants away. Obviously, you might check with friends and family first, but institutions such as a local church, school, or community center may welcome your unwanted plants.

Another way to donate plants to charity is to check with your local non-profit thrift store. They may be interested in selling your unwanted plant and turning the profit around for their charitable endeavors.

A garden donation made in this way can help your community benefit from programs such as child care, tax services, transportation, youth mentoring, literacy education, and various medical and residential services for those in need.

Giving Away Plants

Of course, you can also list plants on personal or neighborhood social media, Craigslist, or even just place them on the curb. Someone is sure to snap up your unwanted plants in this manner.

There are a few businesses that will take unwanted plants too, such as From My Bed to Yours. The proprietor here will take unwanted plants, sick or healthy, rehabilitate them if needed, and then sell them for less than a commercial nursery.

Finally, another option for giving away plants is Here you can list plants for free, swap plants, or even search for plants you would like to own.

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