Garden To Thanksgiving Table - DIY Gourd Candle Holders

A DIY Gourd Candle
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Fall is gourd season. While you can just pile them up in a basket to use as decor, why not make gourd votive candles instead? A fall candle DIY project can be made ahead of time for use as Thanksgiving centerpiece candles. After dinner, allow the guests to choose one of the fall tea light holders to take home as a remembrance of the special meal shared. This Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is easy as pumpkin pie, so let’s get started. 

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you need a Thanksgiving centerpiece idea. While there are plenty of ideas to be found, not everyone is crafty. Don’t despair; fall tea light gourd votive holders are so simple to make children, under supervision, can help. 

About Gourd Votive Holders

Early evidence of squash consumption and use dates back through the late Prehistoric era. Ornamental squash was likely used as containers which are exactly what this Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is all about. 

Gourds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the shape best suited for a fall candle DIY project are those that are low and rounded with a flat bottom. 

You can also use other fruit, because yes, gourds are fruit, to use as fall tea light holders. If you don’t have access to gourds, try using apples, oranges or even pomegranates for your fall candle DIY project. 

How to Make Thanksgiving Centerpiece Candles

Your fall candle DIY project takes just five steps. 

  1. First, select your gourds. Smaller gourds are preferable since we are using small tea lights, although you can use taper candles as well.
  2. Next, cut the stems from the fruit using a sharp knife or pruning shears. 
  3. Hold the tea light up against the gourd and trace around it with a marker. If you want to use larger gourds, use larger candles and trace their size onto the gourd. 
  4. Either use a paddle drill bit and drill a 2 inch (5 cm.) hole into the gourd, or use a sharp knife and spoon to make a hole for the candle. Ideally you want the candle to be flush with the top of the gourd. If need be, use a stone to help stabilize the candle. 
  5. When your hole has been shaped, place the candle and simply light it, or turn it on if it’s battery-operated. 

That’s all there is to creating fall tea light candle holders using gourds. Keep the DIY candle holders in a cool place to extend their life unless using them. Surround the Thanksgiving centerpiece candles with flowers which can also be placed in a variety of gourds. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy Grant

Amy Grant has been gardening for 30 years and writing for 15. A professional chef and caterer, Amy's area of expertise is culinary gardening.