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How To Make A Hula Hoop Wreath: DIY Garden Hula Hoop Wreath Ideas

Hula hoop wreaths are fun to make and they add a real “wow” factor to garden parties, weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, or nearly any special day. Hula hoop wreaths are versatile and easy to customize for the event, or for the season. Read on and learn how to make a hula hoop wreath, along with a few helpful hula hoop wreath ideas.

How to Make a Hula Hoop Wreath

Begin, of course, with a hula hoop. Hoops are available in several sizes, from child-sized to very large. If small hula hoops are bigger than you like, you can also use wooden embroidery hoops.

Most hula hoops have a plastic coating. It’s fine to leave the coating in place, but be sure to remove it if you want to paint the hoop because the paint won’t adhere.

Gather the materials for making a hula hoop wreath. You’ll need scissors, ribbon, wire cutters, green floral tape or zip ties and a hot glue gun.

Paint the wreath, if desired, before you begin. Paint one side and let it dry, then flip the hoop over and paint the other side. The hoop may need two coats, depending on the color. Be sure the hoop is completely dry.

Depending on your creative idea, you’ll need to gather artificial or real greenery and artificial or real flowers, along with any decorative items such as balloons, ribbon, twinkle lights or fake fruit. Many people use wreaths to display letters, words or pictures.

Gather greenery and flowers into bundles and secure them with wire, floral tape or zip ties. Four or five bundles is usually about right, depending on the size of the hoop. Arrange the bundles and decorative items around the wreath, covering the entire wreath or just part of it.

Once you’re happy with the wreath, you can wire everything firmly in place. If you use artificial flowers or greenery, a hot glue gun is an easy but more permanent way to attach things. Once you’re done, use your hot glue gun to attach any stray wires and keep them hidden.

Selecting Plants for a Garden Hula Hoop Wreath

When it comes to choosing hula hoop wreath plants, you can use nearly anything you like. Greenery [1] that works well includes:

Similarly, nearly any flower can be used for making a hula hoop wreath. Silk flowers work well, but you can also use fresh or dried flowers [10].

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