Plant Swap Info: How To Participate In Community Plant Swaps

Hands Holding Seedlings In Soil
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Garden enthusiasts love to get together to talk about the splendor of the garden. They also love to gather to share plants. There is nothing more flattering or rewarding than sharing plants with others. Keep reading for plant swap info and learn more about how to participate in community plants swaps in your area.

What is a Plant Swap?

A plant swap is exactly what is sounds like—a forum for swapping out plants with fellow gardeners. Seed and plant exchanges allow gardeners in the community to come together and share seeds, cuttings, and transplants from their own gardens to swap with others. Organizers state that plant swap rules are easy to follow, and the only real concern is that plants are healthy and have been well cared for. It is also customary that you take no more plants home than you bring to the swap.

How to Participate in Community Plant Swaps

Seed and plant exchanges are a popular way to share your garden with others and pick up some new plants that you may not have. Some plant swaps require that your register ahead of time so that organizers know how many people to prepare for. A good way to learn more about participating in these exchanges and gathering information for plant swap rules is to visit or call your local extension office for the latest plant swap info in your area.

Where to Find Plant Swap Info

Many times, Cooperative Extension Offices will have information regarding local plant swaps. Oftentimes, Master Gardeners will organize local seed and plant exchanges. If you have a horticulture school in your area, they may also have information concerning such programs and how to participate. Even local home improvement and garden centers may have information boards where people will post news regarding plant swaps.

Online Plant Swaps

Some garden forums sponsor online plant swap events where participants can exchange seeds and plants through the mail or arrange for local pick-up. Most of the time, you will need to be a member of a particular forum in order to participate in these types of seed and plant exchanges.