Top 9 Ways To Prep Your Garden For Winter

The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and that means we need to begin prepping for winter in the lawn, landscape and garden. You can help prevent pests, diseases and weeds from overwintering and provide a clean slate for plants to remerge in the spring.

An Amazing Journey for Monarchs

Through late summer and into the fall, monarch butterflies begin a monumental journey across the United States. With the help of the Thoughtful Gardener, Heather Andrews, we're sharing some information about their migration and how you can help with a fall fueling station in your own garden.

The First Steps to Growing a Butterfly Garden

The key to beginning any butterfly garden is to identify the amount of sun your garden receives during the day. This will help you select the most appropriate plants for your site.
Soil health and fertility are also important in a pollinator habitat. Heather will explain how to get a soil test kit and then analyze the results for amending your soil to ensure that your plants thrive.

How to Make Your Own Mulch

Planting fueling stations to support the monarchs on their incredible journey begins with plants and plants thrive with the addition of nutrient-rich mulch or compost. In this video, Heather explains how you can reuse your fall leaves and other garden debris to create “black gold” perfect for use in your flower beds.

Gardening To Improve Your Mental Health

Ever wonder why exactly gardening makes you happy? Well, there's actually a whole lot of science behind it! Learn how gardening can affect your mentalhealth in first episode of the Gardening Know How Two Minute Tidbit.

Do-It-Yourself Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece

Can you believe this pretty pumpkin centerpiece was made with just $13.00 worth of supplies? Plus, it was quick and easy. This project would make a terrific centerpiece for a Halloween or Thanksgiving tablescape.

DIY Winter Arrangements: Evergreen Porch Pot

Transition your pots from mums and asters to a beautiful evergreen arrangement that will last the entire winter! Whether you're cutting branches from local trees or buying bouquets from the garden center, we will give you all of the instructions needed to create and care for this type of porch pot with our Gardening Know How!

DIY Floating Air Plant Frame

Displaying air plants in unique ways is one of the best parts of growing them. With our Gardening Know How, we will show you how to create a low-maintenance air plant shadow box filled with moss, accent pieces and, of course, air plants.

7 Things You Can Do to Help Monarch Butterfly Migration

Learn how to create a butterfly garden with GKH contributor, Heather Andrews of Garden Thoughtfully.

How to Regrow Everyday Kitchen Scraps & Grocery Store Produce

Create a No-Waste Kitchen with GKH contributor, Armen Adamjan of Creative Explained.

What Is Permaculture? The 3 Ethics of Permaculture

Learn how permaculture can help you create a regenerative garden with GKH contributor, Andre the Farmer of Permaculture Life.

How to Divide Perennials

Dividing perennials is a great way to expand your garden for free and increase the plants you can share with family & friends.

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