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A mixture of nutrients and minerals that is added to soil to improve the quality of the soil in order to promote plant growth.
A part of a flower. The stalk found in the stamen of a flower which has the anther (pollen) at the top.
Plants at a nursery are typically sold in flats. It is a set of multiple plants sold as a group.
A type of flowering where the plant produces a cluster of flowers in a tightly contained space.
foliar feeding
A technique where fertilizer is supplied to them through the leaves the plant. In other words, fertilizer is sprayed on the leaves so that the plant can absorb it.
Causing a plant to grow or bloom sooner than they would in nature. This method is typically applied to bulbs.
Fecal matter left behind by insects or insect larva.
A leaf whose shape has multiple nodes. Typically seen on palms or ferns.
The buildup of ice crystals on objects. It is the frozen version of dew and can be deadly to certain plants.
frost free dates
The dates between an area's first and last frost date.
frost protection
Methods to keep frost from building up on plants in the garden.
frost tender
Plants that are technically perennials, but that cannot withstand frost. These plants are typically grown as annuals, but can be kept as perennials in frost free areas or if given protection from frost.
full shade plant
Plants that need less than 4 hours of sunlight, direct or filtered, in order to grow properly.
full sun plant
Plants that need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight in order to grow properly.
A substance that kills molds and fungus.
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