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Causing a seed to produce growth and eventually become a plant.
The process of a seed causes itself to produce growth and become a plant.
The name for what happens when a tree loses a complete ring of bark around the circumference of its trunk. This condition is typically fatal to a tree.
The process of attaching one related plant tissue to another plant tissue. Normally, it is used to connect a superior fruiting tissue to a superior rooting tissue.
green compost material
Material added to compost pile that add nitrogen to the composting mix and feed the microbes and bacteria that are needed for composting.
green manure
A plant that is grown purely to enrich or fertilize the soil in which it is grown in. Nitrogen fixing plants, like peas and clover, are examples of this.
ground cover
A low and densely growing plant that is used to cover normally large areas of ground.
growing season
The period of time during the year in which a crop, flower or plant can survive and actively grow.
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