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A structure, typically made of thin strips of wood, that helps shade plants from direct sunlight.
A method of plant propagation where a branch or stem is encourages to grow roots while still attached to the parent plant. The term refers to the fact that frequently the branch is "layered" under dirt.
When water washes away the essential nutrients from soil.
leaf mold
Compost that s made up entirely of decomposed leaves.
Abnormally long growth on a plant that causes it to be floppy. Frequently caused by lack of sufficient sunlight.
lime sulfur
A fungicide and miticide made up of calcium and sulfur. It is highly corrosive and should be handled carefully.
A mineral added to the soil that helps to raise the pH.
limey soil
Soil that has a high concentration of limestone or lime, and because of this, typically has a high pH.
Considered to be one of the best kinds of soil, it contains a near equal mix of clay, silt, sand and organic material.
low light plant
Indoor plants that need less than 4 hours of light to grow properly.
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