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A plant that is pollinated by natural means, such as bees and other insects, animals or the wind.
Materials that come from natural sources and are not man made. It can also mean materials that are made of things that are living or were once living.
organic gardening
A method of gardening where all materials used in the garden come from natural sources and were not chemically produced by man.
organic material
Materials that are made up of things that were once alive.
A part of a flower. Part of the female flower where the ovules (immature seeds) are kept. The ovary commonly develops into the fruit of the plant once the ovules are fertilized.
Spreading seed over the top of an already established lawn. Typically, this is done to improve a sparse lawn without the work of redoing the entire lawn.
A part of a flower. Part of the female part of the flower and is an unpollinated, immature seed. Once pollinated, the ovule will develop into seeds.
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