Your Guide to Affordable Lawn Care

Your Guide to Affordable Lawn Care

By: Gardening Know How Picks

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When it comes to lawn care, there are many different variables to consider. One of the first things that most homeowners think about is cost. Most homeowners assume that, if they want a professional to take care of their lawn, they’ll need to spend thousands of dollars. However, the truth is that lawn care isn’t just for the financial elite. There are plenty of quality companies and services offering top-of-the-line lawn care services at reasonable prices. 

At Gardening Know How, we know that it’s possible to find affordable lawn care that doesn’t break the bank. We’ve reviewed the in’s and out’s of tons of lawn care companies to help you narrow your search. Be sure to use our guide before you choose a lawn care service provider.

In This Article:

  • What Does Lawn Care Cost?  
  • Is Lawn Care Affordable?
  • What Lawn Care Services Are Available?
  • Top Recommended Affordable Provider: TruGreen
  • Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like a quote for affordable service at your home, we recommend calling TruGreen at 877-386-6512 or by filling out this simple form online.

What Does Lawn Care Cost?  

Each lawn care company determines its own costs. These costs can vary widely from company to company. Companies that offer more services often charge more per visit, and more experienced companies may charge more as well. Here are some of the most important factors that will influence how much you’ll pay for lawn care:

  • How large is your lawn?
  • Are you doing any kind of maintenance between lawn care visits? Or is the lawn and landscaping company responsible for the lawn 100% of the time?
  • Which products will be used on the lawn?
  • Do you want more than simple lawn cutting? If you want other services like shrub work, edging, or leaf blowing, you’ll pay more for service.
  • How far away is the company located?
  • How long does the actual lawn care take?
  • What machines will be required to cut and care for lawn?
  • Are there gardens or paths through your property that need to be cut around or tended to?
  • Does your property need extra care to tend to pests, insects, or rodents?
  • Do you need weed control

All of these add up to the quote a homeowner will get when they compare lawn care companies. In most areas, a relatively basic lawn care plan will cost around $50 per visit according to an Angie’s List interview with Joe Bailey, owner of North Carolina’s top-rated landscaping and maintenance company Lawn and Order. However, if you want more services on a single visit, you’ll pay more.

Let’s take a look at how much you might expect to pay for a few different lawn services and treatments. 

Lawn care serviceLower estimateHigher estimate
Fertilizing$0.08 per square foot$0.44 per square foot
Tree trimming and pruning$292$638
Leaf removal$208$325
Aerating $0.10 per square foot$0.35 per square foot

Is Lawn Care Affordable?

If you were to try and tend to your lawn on your own, chances are, you would spend far more per season than if you were to hire an affordable lawn care company in your area. For example, to go out and get your own supplies, like a mower, weed-eater, chemicals to keep the yard healthy, and the little necessities that come with tending to your lawn, you could easily spend upwards of $1,000. And that’s just the estimate for one season of caring for your lawn. 

However, if you were to hire a company to help with your lawn care, you would spend just a fraction of that. Lawn care companies bring along their own equipment and have access to professional-grade tools and treatments. Building your own collection of tools would cost much more money than hiring a professional service because you must buy each individual tool. In addition to saving money, you also get to keep all the time you would otherwise spend mowing.

If your lawn has been regularly maintained up until the lawn care company comes in to take over, your cost will be far less than if you have overgrown grass, weeds, trees, and bushes. Cutting back an unmaintained lawn is a long, time-consuming process. This can lead to a higher net cost than you would have paid if you had professional lawn care from the start. 

The prices of lawn care services are going to vary when you order them as part of a larger package or as a la carte options. For example, if you want just mowing, your price will be lower than if you need leaves raked during one visit. This will add to the cost as a separate service. However, if you order a package that includes occasional raking when appropriate, your cost will remain the same. This is why comparing packages is so important. Getting plenty of free quotes before you buy allows you to see what you will get and prepare for anything that goes beyond what your normal package includes.

What Lawn Care Services Are Available?

If you’re searching for affordable lawn care for the first time, you may not understand all of what goes into lawn care. Lawn care is more than simply mowing and trimming. Here are some of the services you can expect from an affordable lawn care company:

  • Mowing and trimming — This involves keeping the lawn looking nice by cutting down grass, plus trimming around the edges of the lawn, sidewalk, paths, and driveways. Almost every affordable lawn care service offers low-cost mowing and trimming. 
  • Landscaping around gardens — This involves workers taking care to keep mulch filled in, weeds out, and flowers pruned throughout the landscaping on your property.
  • Hardscaping around pathways — For hardscaping, this often involves placing rocks or other natural materials around the yard and making sure it stays where it was placed.
  • Tree branch removal — When a tree branch becomes overgrown or cracked, you want a company that can come out and take it down for you safely.
  • Maintaining trees and shrubs — Trees and shrubs grow all year long, even if it doesn’t look like it. Pruning or shaping each year helps your trees look good and keeps your pathway safe.
  • Fertilization — Throughout the different growing cycles, your yard will need different nutrients. Fertilizing the yard allows the grass to grow in healthy and lush all year-round.
  • Treating health issues — When your yard struggles to grow, it can look blotchy or have bare soil showing. These issues can be corrected with professional pest control and disease management.
  • Aeration — This is when lawn care professionals put small holes in the soil to add in more air and allow water to soak into the soil more deeply. This can help your grass grow greener.
  • Controlling weeds — This service is where the weeds in your yard are neutralized and steps are taken to prevent weeds from coming back in the future. 

Each company varies in which services they offer and creates its own set of packages and treatment plans. If you want some of these types of services but not all of them, you need to look for the company with the closest package to match your needs. Otherwise, you should find an affordable lawn care company that provides the extra services you want a la carte.

Why Professional Lawn Care Services May Be Right for You

Hiring a professional lawn care company is a great idea for most people. Mowing the lawn can take an hour or two of your week that you could be using to catch up in other facets of your life. It could be time spent with your family, exercising, catching up on errands, or even sleeping. 

These convenient professional lawn care services can be done whether you are at home or away. They also give you the peace of mind that comes along with having your lawn care done and off of your to-do list. Save yourself the time, effort, and education you would otherwise put into trying to tend to your yard.

Top Recommended Affordable Provider: TruGreen

TruGreen is our preferred lawn care service provider. Offering a variety of plans and nearly every service you could need, TruGreen has a plan for everyone. You can get a free quote by calling 877-386-6512 or by filling out this simple form online. Let’s take a closer look at TruGreen’s offerings. 

TruGreen’s Plans & Services 

TruGreen offers a variety of plans. Each plan includes its own list of services and offerings. Here’s a summary of TruGreen’s five currently available plans:  

Plan Services
TruComplete Lawn Care PlanOne aeration and overseed per year. Eight general service visits a year. Fertilization. Grub and pest control services. Pre-emergent and targeted weed control. An analysis of your current lawn condition. Satisfaction guarantee. Service by lawn care professionals.
TruHealth Lawn Care PlanEight general service visits a year. Fertilization. Grub and pest control services. Pre-emergent and targeted weed control. An analysis of your current lawn condition. Satisfaction guarantee. Service by lawn care professionals.
TruSignature Lawn Care PlanOne aeration and overseed per year. Eight general service visits a year. Seven tree service visits per year. Fertilization. Grub and pest control services. Pre-emergent and targeted weed control. An analysis of your current lawn condition. Tree and shrub services. Satisfaction guarantee. Service by lawn care professionals.
TruNatural Lawn Care PlanFive general visits per year. Natural fertilizer application. Non-toxic weed control services. An analysis of your current lawn condition. Satisfaction guarantee. Service by lawn care professionals.
TruMaintenance Lawn Care PlanSix general visits per year. Fertilization. Pre-emergent and targeted weed control. An analysis of your current lawn condition. Satisfaction guarantee. Service by lawn care professionals.

TruGreen also offers the following service a la carte:

  • Mosquito control
  • Soil amendment services
  • Tree and shrub services

The Cost of TruGreen Plans & Services

The amount that you’ll pay for lawn care services will depend on a number of factors, including where you live, which services you need, and your property size. Here’s what you might expect to pay for a few of TruGreen’s most popular plans in Pennsylvania. 

TruComplete Lawn Care Plan$97.95 per standard visit, $559.00 per aeration and overseed visit
TruHealth Lawn Care Plan$97.95 per visit
TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan$95.95 per visit
TruNatural Lawn Care Plan$186.81 per visit

Is TruGreen Affordable?

When you compare the cost of TruGreen’s services to the cost of other affordable lawn care companies, you may notice that you pay more for an individual visit. However, when it comes to TruGreen’s complete plan offerings, you’ll notice that their lawn care is exceptionally affordable. 

On every plan, you don’t just receive a simple mowing or trimming appointment. You receive a satisfaction guarantee, a lawn assessment, and service from qualified professionals. TruGreen’s services offer an affordable, one-stop option for all of your lawn care needs. 


TruGreen is available in all 48 continental United States. The only states they don’t currently service are Alaska and Hawaii. 

TruGreen Reviews

TruGreen is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and currently holds an A+ rating on the BBB’s website. TruGreen currently has 319 reviews on the BBB’s website. While reviews on the BBB’s website are mostly negative, TruGreen holds a high rating on the TrustPilot platform. Let’s take a look at a few sample reviews from TrustPilot.

On June 28th, 2019, Pam had an excellent experience with a TruGreen representative. Great customer service. I spoke to one of the customer service representatives today, she was very patient, understandable and knowledgeable. I appreciate how she answered my call. Great service as well.

On June 29th, 2019, Becky L. received exceptionally effective care from a TruGreen technician. To date we’ve been very satisfactory with the services provided. The Care Specialist have all been professional. They worked quickly and proficiently. They answered any questions we asked and our lawn is looking terrific after the big flood. TruGreen has revitalized our property. Thank you for excellent service.

Do you think TruGreen might be the right affordable lawn care company for you?

Claim your free quote today by calling 877-386-6512 or by filling out a request for contact form online

Frequently Asked Questions

Are professional lawn care services worth it? 

For most homeowners who live busy lives, the cost of professional lawn care services is more than worth it. They allow you to save both time and money, and you can always rest with the peace of mind that comes with knowing a professional is handling your lawn care. 

How much does lawn care cost? 

The cost of professional lawn care services varies, but in most instances, starts around $50 per visit, according to the owner of a professional lawn care company. It should include things like mowing and trimming, plus cleaning up when the lawn care professionals are done for the day.

What factors contribute to the cost of lawn care? 

Many factors can change the cost of professional lawn care. For example, what is included in the package, the location and size of the lawn, and how well it was maintained before the visit. For overgrown properties, the cost is nearly always higher to recoup the time spent making the yard look nice again.

What factors should you consider when choosing a lawn care provider?

When choosing a lawn care provider, you want someone who understands what goes into your lawn. They should have great reviews, be responsive to your calls, and offer many types of services to make your life easier.

What kind of lawn care can I get? 

Every affordable lawn care company has its own offerings. It is best to call the company directly and explain what you need. From there, they can tell you how they can help give you the peace of mind that your lawn is taken care of and off your plate.

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