The Best Grass Seed (Review)

The Best Grass Seed (Review)

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When spring rolls around, it can be disheartening for a gardener to see patches of brown throughout a previously full and healthy lawn, left over from the winter frost. 

Planting new grass allows you to nurture your lawn back to full health quickly, and the right grass seed can help you do that even faster than you could have thought.

We’ve reviewed the top options for grass seed and rounded up the top five for your consideration.

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#1 Mountain View Seeds Sun & Shade Mix Grass Seed 

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This three-pound bag of versatile grass seed includes a blend of different types of grass, providing gardeners with a good chance that their grass will grow.

This product is made by a farmer-owned brand since 1940 based in the Oregon Willamette Valley. This location has been recognized as optimal for grass seed production—wet winters and warm, dry summers make it one of the best places to grow grass seed.

Key features 

  • Seed blend —  A variety of seed types including Perennial Ryegrass, Fine Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass.
  • Sun or shade — This grass seed grows in any environment.
  • Disease- and insect-resistant — You don’t have to worry about bugs interfering with growth.
  • WaterGardQS coating — This means you have to water less, and the seed germinates within seven to 10 days.

This seed blend has earned 4 stars out of 96 customer ratings on Amazon. On December 16, 2018, Todd c. Gittings Sr. said: 

Liked the fact that it actually showed growth in six days. It was planted in mid September. It filled in and covered an area with no grass at all (dogs beat it up pretty good). Came in thick and with great color. Did not even put fertilizer down until the middle of October.

If you’re interested in this impressive mix, check the price.

#2 Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed  

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This grass seed is available in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of your lawn. Black Beauty grass seed gives plants a waxy coating, like that of an apple, to make plants stronger and ward off bugs and disease.

This mix contains a combination of black beauty tall fescues, perennial ryegrass, and elite Kentucky Bluegrass for a deep green lawn. 

Key features 

  • Invisible wax coating — This wards off disease and preserves moisture in the leaf for areas where you might experience a drought.
  • Seed diversity — This seed includes Black Beauty tall fescues, Elite Kentucky Bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass.
  • Harsh environments —This seed grows well in clay, sandy soils and in full sun or partial shade.
  • Color — Grass grows dark green.
  • Insect-resistant — Grass naturally repels insects with waxy coating.
  • Various size options:
    • 1-pound bag: 400 square foot coverage
    • 1-pound bag (2-pack): 800 square foot coverage, total
    • 3-pound bag: 1,200 square foot coverage
    • 7-pound bag: 2,800 square foot coverage
    • 25-pound bag: 10,000 square foot coverage

This black beauty grass seed blend has earned 4 stars out of 344 customer ratings on Amazon. On May 26, 2018, Tarek Abdel-Baset said: 

Have been using this product for years- outstanding results every time- I bought this on Amazon this time as a test to see if they would send me fresh seed or relabelled/ multi year old junk as I have had happen with other brands. This stuff had been packaged less than 4 months from when I bought it- it was fresh- and the price was ~20% better than the retail stores.

I will purchase again- Jonathan Green takes pride in their product and they don’t let old seed languish on the market. 

Depending on how much seed you need, you should check the price.

#3 Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Fall Mix 

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This grass seed is created to help lawns quickly recover from summer stress, as well as to quickly thicken and strengthen while reducing weeds.

It’s specifically developed for lawns in the northern U.S. and is meant to be planted in the fall season. The mixt thrives in full sun and light shade. 

Key features 

  • Overseeding mix — This mix is meant to thicken and strengthen your lawn.
  • Flexible needs — Grows in full sun and light shade, and can tolerate a medium drought.
  • 4-in-1 WaterSmart PLUS Coating — This helps seed absorb more water while feeding essential nutrients and protecting them from disease.
  • Various size options
    • 3-pound bag: 1,200 square foot coverage
    • 15-pound bag: 6,000 square foot coverage

This turf builder mix has earned 3.9 stars out of 86 customer ratings on Amazon. On October 6, 2019, Warthog said: 

My utility company did some work on their easement which destroyed a couple of hundred square feet of my lawn. After raking the area flat I applied this seed, and watered every day. Within a week it was obvious that a substantial percentage had germinated. Within two the area had a distinct green color.

I’ve done a lot of lawn seeding in my 70 years. This stuff gave me the best result I’ve experienced. Will be a repeat customer.

If you want to purchase this hardy grass seed mix, check out the prices.

#4 Pennington Smart Seed Grass

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This grass seed is strictly for perennials and grows fast in both sun and shade. Pennington technology improves the chances that each seed will grow into a healthy plant, helping you achieve the lawn you desire.

With great insect resistance and disease resistance, this Pennington grass seed is an excellent choice. It’s available in a seven pound bag which covers up to 3,300 square feet of land.

Key features 

  • Less watering —Uses up to 30% less water versus ordinary grass seed, which means less watering and a high drought tolerance.
  • Fast growth — Your grass will be fuller in a shorter amount of time.
  • Color — Grass grows to be a dark blue-green color.
  • Penkoted technology — This Pennington method protects seed from fungus.

This smart seed has earned 3.7 stars on Amazon out of 178 customer ratings. On February 11, 2016, Nicholas Warren said:

Great blend of grass that seems to take and grow faster than others!

You can check the price of this patented miracle seed. 

#5 Eretz Kentucky Fall Fescue Grass Seed

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This grass is certified and grown in Oregon to be drought-tolerant. It’s made to be extremely durable and hardy for more harsh growing conditions.

If you’re in an area where rain is spotty, or droughts are frequent, consider this grass seed to stand up against the lack of water.

Key features of this grass include:

  • Drought tolerance — This seed grows without a ton of water.
  • Good for wildlife — If you’re raising animals on your land, this grass is healthy for them.
  • Great for highly trafficked areas — Areas like turf, sod waterways, around barns, sodded driveways, roads, and many others are great candidates for this seed.
  • Seed composition — This seed is tested to be 98% pure seed, less that 2% inert matter, and is weed free.

This drought-tolerant seed mix has earned 4.2 stars out of 75 customer ratings on Amazon. On May 6, 2019, gabio said: 

I have tried many different brand but this one have been the best so far. Within a few weeks, there grass is growing fast.

Check the price if you’re interested.

Things to Consider When Buying Grass Seed 

If you’re fighting a patchy lawn, there can be a lot to consider. Before making your final decision, ask yourself the following questions:

What type of weather am I likely to encounter?

Depending on whether you live in a wet or dry climate, different types of grass seed will be more likely to grow.

What’s the current state of my lawn?

You’ll need to consider how much ground you have to cover and whether or not your grass is generally healthy. For example, if your lawn is afflicted with weeds, consider the effect that will have on your choice of grass seed.

Have I run into previous insect problems with other plants?

If you’ve faced insect infestations with any other type of plant, consider buying seed that’s insect- and disease-resistant.

How much light does my lawn get?

Different types of seed are sensitive to various amounts of light. Make sure you’re choosing the right option for your lawn.

Are the areas where I need to seed highly trafficked?

Whether or not your grass sees a lot of action can have an effect on the seed type that’s best for you.

How often will I be able to water my grass?

Some grass seed is able to go longer without water. Choose seed that fits your schedule and weather patterns.

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