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A family-owned and operated company, Emerald Lawn Care is trusted by homeowners across Illinois. Read our Emerald Lawn Care review to find out if they’re right for you. | Pixabay, © Rudy and Peter Skitterians

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If you’re looking for professional lawn care services in Illinois, you may have considered hiring Emerald Lawn Care to help you manage your property. With a wide range of services and professional-grade fertilization solutions, Emerald seems like a solid choice for year-round lawn care. But is the company really the right fit for your needs?

At Gardening Know How, we know that you only want to allow the best home service providers onto your property. We’ve thoroughly reviewed Emerald Lawn Care in terms of service offerings, price, availability, customer service, and much more. Before you invest in a package from Emerald, be sure to read our comprehensive review.

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Ultimately, our recommended lawn service provider is TruGreen. TruGreen is a full-service lawn care company offering everything from fertilization to tree services and shrub control.

To learn more about TruGreen’s packages and pricing, claim your free quote today by calling 1-877-386-6512 or by filling out a quick and easy online form

Emerald Lawn Care Plans

Emerald Lawn Care offers a wide variety of both package plans and a la carte services. Let’s take a look at a few of the plans you can choose from Emerald.

Lawn Care Programs

Emerald’s bread and butter is lawn fertilization. The company currently offers three unique lawn fertilization packages to choose from. Each package listed also includes liquid applications of broadleaf weed control. 

Conventional FertilizationFour conventional fertilizer applications
Two broadleaf weed control applications
One crabgrass control application during early spring
Organic-Based FertilizationFour organic-based fertilizer applications
Two broadleaf weed control applications (not organic)
Organic FertilizationFour completely organic fertilizer applications
Two broadleaf weed control applications (not organic)

Weed Control Services

You can also purchase the following weed control services a la carte from Emerald’s team:

  • Broadleaf weed control — Emerald offers liquid applications of broadleaf weed control in May and September. This service comes complimentary with any of the fertilization packages listed above.
  • Total control — This service uses a strong herbicide to kill off both weeds and unwanted grasses. It’s ideal for patches of overgrowth and turf.
  • Bed weed control — Emerald’s bed weed control plans include two yearly applications. First, the company applies a pre-emergent weed control substance in the early spring. Emerald then follows up with a mid-summer application of herbicide to kill off any remaining bed weed that broke through.
  • Bentgrass control — Emerald’s bentgrass control programs include three separate herbicide applications spaced two weeks apart beginning in August or early September.
  • Specialty weed control — Emerald also offers specialty weed control programs for Creeping Charlie, violet, thistle, and other types of persistent weeds. 

Pest Control Services

Emerald Lawn Care also offers yearly pest control services a la carte.

  • Grub control — Emerald offers both early summer preventive grub control and late-season grub removal services. Both services use granular insecticides.
  • Mosquito and tick suppression — Emerald offers both one-time and monthly mosquito and tick insecticide applications.
  • Insecticide and fungicide application — Emerald also offers a wide range of other insecticide and fungicide services. Technicians can help remove both turf pests and pests that infect trees and wood on your lawn.
  • Foundation spraying — Foundation spraying services from Emerald use an insecticide to prevent pests from entering your home. The company claims that its insecticide applications typically prevent pests from being drawn to the home for 30 days on average.
  • Dormant oil — Dormant oil applications prevent scale bugs from taking over your lawn. 

Tree and Shrub Services

Our Emerald Lawn Care review found that Emerald’s team offers a very wide range of tree and shrub services. The team offers both spring and summer fungicide services for trees and shrubs to combat infections like apple scab and magnolia scale. It also offers pest removal services and can tackle Japanese beetle, aphid, and other types of insect infestations.

Emerald also offers tree and shrubbery enrichment services as well, like deep root feeding treatments, which use slow-release fertilizers to help large trees get the nutrients they need. Emerald also offers antitranspirant applications, which help protect trees and shrubs from the harmful effects of road salts during the winter months. All of Emerald’s tree and shrub services are offered a la carte, but many include multi-treatment packages on each order.

Other Services

Finally, Emerald offers the following other miscellaneous services a la carte:

  • Liquid aeration — Emerald’s liquid aerations service uses a unique blend of environmentally conscious ingredients like kelp and potassium to break up compacted soil. The company claims that this allows your grass’s roots to breathe and take in more nutrients without kicking up your soil and causing damage like mechanical aeration.
  • Overseeding — Overseeding services use a combination of mechanical aeration and grass seed planting to thicken your lawn. Emerald’s overseeding services also use pelletized mulch and fertilizer to help more grass seeds take root.
  • Soil testing — Soil testing checks your soil’s pH balance, nutrient content, organic matter and more. When Emerald’s team performs a soil test, they will also offer you recommendations on how you can improve your lawn based on the results. 

Emerald Lawn Care Cost

Emerald Lawn Care doesn’t list specific prices for services on its website. This is because the price you’ll pay for lawn care will depend on a multitude of factors. Some of the factors that can influence how much you’ll pay for lawn care services include:

  • The size of your property — If you have a larger property, technicians will need to spend more time and use more product maintaining it. This means that you’ll pay more for the services you need.
  • The condition of your property — If your property has been well-maintained, it may require fewer treatments. This means less money spent. On the other hand, if you haven’t been maintaining your lawn, you may have to pay for multiple visits from your lawn care company of choice.
  • Where you live — If you live in a very rural area or outside of your lawn care company’s standard service area, you may pay extra for treatment.
  • The specific services you need — If you require only basic lawn care services, you’ll pay less than if you need intensive treatments or pest removal.

The only way to know exactly how much you’ll pay for service from Emerald Lawn Care is by getting a quote. Fortunately, the company offers an easy-to-use and quote request system. Just enter a bit of information on your property and the services you need and submit your personal information. A representative will then contact you with pricing and plan options custom-fitted to your property and needs. 

Emerald Lawn Care Availability

One of Emerald Lawn Care’s biggest weaknesses is its lack of availability. The company currently only services select parts of Illinois. Emerald only offers lawn care services in the following cities:

  • Arlington Heights
  • Barrington
  • Buffalo Grove
  • Deer Park
  • Des Plaines
  • Elk Grove Village
  • Glenview
  • Hawthorn Woods
  • Hoffman Estates
  • Inverness
  • Kildeer
  • Lake Zurich
  • Lincolnshire
  • Long Grove
  • Mt. Prospect
  • North Barrington
  • Northbrook
  • Palatine
  • Park Ridge
  • Prospect Heights
  • Riverwoods
  • Rolling Meadows
  • Schaumburg
  • South Barrington
  • Vernon Hills
  • Wheeling 

If you don’t live in any of these listed areas, you cannot currently receive service from Emerald Lawn Care.

Emerald Lawn Care Reviews

Emerald Lawn Care isn’t accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and it currently holds 0 reviews and complaints on the BBB’s website. However, reviews of Emerald on the Google Reviews platform are positive. Let’s take a look at what a few customers had to say about their experience with Emerald’s team.

In November 2019, Kathy K. wrote about how satisfied she was with the services she received from Emerald: 

Emerald Lawn Care service levels are fantastic. Our lawn looks so much better since hiring Emerald. The office staff is professional and takes the time to answer questions. Dave Malikowski has been our technician this year. I find the technician comments on the invoice helpful. Dave cleaned up before he left, I noticed that would use a blower to clear the drive and sidewalk of fertilizer pellets. Very satisfied customer!

In October of 2019, Patricia M. wrote about her long-standing relationship with Emerald Lawn Care. 

I have been using Emerald for quite some time now.  I highly recommend them for your total lawn care needs.  Superb customer service. A couple of years ago we had questions on why we had brown spots in our lawn.  The owner came out to inspect it and diagnosed the problem. They provide professional, prompt and personal service.  I also like the fact that I am supporting a local business.

Is Emerald Lawn Care Worth It?

So, is Emerald Lawn Care the right lawn care company for you? The answer depends on your unique needs as a homeowner. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Emerald Lawn Care. 

Extensive range of lawn and tree services
Focus on organic fertilization and aeration solutions
Very limited service area
Limited package offerings
Not accredited with the BBB
No organic option for weed control
No specific prices listed online

Our Recommended Provider: TruGreen

If you live within Emerald’s service area and you value organic lawn care solutions, Emerald can be a great choice for you. However, our recommended lawn care company is TruGreen. 

TruGreen is a full-service lawn care company providing everything from fertilization solutions to pest control services. While you may have other local options near you, few companies match TruGreen in terms of experience, reputation, and professionalism.

Ultimately, the right lawn care service for you will depend on where you live, your budget, and the services you need.

Claim your free quote from TruGreen today by calling 1-877-386-6512 or by filling out the easy online form

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Emerald Lawn Care a good lawn service?

Emerald’s customer reviews are positive, and the company provides a wide variety of lawn care services. If you live within its service area, Emerald can be a great choice for your lawn care. If you live outside of Illinois, we recommend TruGreen for your lawn service needs.

How much does Emerald Lawn Care actually cost?

Emerald Lawn Care doesn’t list specific prices on its website. This is because the price you’ll pay for your lawn care depends on the services you need, the size of your property, where you live, and many other factors. We recommend getting a quote from the team at Emerald before you select a package to stay within your budget.

How much does lawn care cost per month?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The price you’ll pay for lawn care services each month can vary depending on the services you need, your property size, and the company you choose. The best way to get an accurate estimate of how much you’ll pay for service is by requesting a quote from your company of choice. 

What does an Emerald Lawn Care lawn specialist do?

An Emerald Lawn Care lawn specialist performs a number of services to keep your lawn growing green and looking healthy. Your lawn specialist might test the pH of your soil, apply fertilizer to your lawn, remove pests, and more. 

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