Small Business Saturday Gift Guide – 30 Gifts For Gardeners

The holidays are around the corner, but there’s no need to panic. Gardening Know How has compiled a list of 30 of the best gardening gifts and maybe even one or two items you can’t do without!  Even better, the following gifts are gleaned from a variety of small businesses listed on Etsy, a global market place filled with creators selling the things they love to make. 

Here at Gardening Know How we want to keep you in the know.  If you make a purchase through one of the links below, we may collect commission or other compensation at no extra cost to you. All prices are accurate as of the publishing date of this article.

For the person who can never have enough succulents — 25 Mixed Succulent Cuttings ($19.50)

Everyone has this friend: the one who cannot get enough succulents. Treat them to an assortment of 25 varied succulent cuttings… often more than 25 according to Leslie who said, “AMAZING! These little cuttings came within a week of ordering them. I got 4 extra cuttings and I am in love with the large variety I received. Thank you for these wonderful succulents!” A bargain at only $19.50!

For the stylish plant parent — Wall Hanging Planters ($22.99)
Three hanging planters for the wall with geometric metal.

These hanging planters are the perfect mix of modern minimalism and boho charm. Yes, please! Whether you want to grow herbs in your kitchen or waterwise succulents in your WFH office, these planters are perfect for any space. Get the set of three for under $25.

For the artsy plant nerd — A-Z Houseplant Print ($20.00+)
Houseplant print with the letters of the alphabet and houseplants illustrated that begin with those letters.

Whether you’re teaching your little one the ABC’s or just adding botanical flair to a room, this A-Z houseplant poster is sure to please. Available in three sizes on acid-free paper, this Christmas gift for gardeners and beyond can be personalized with the recipient’s name for a more personal touch.  $20-42 depending on size.

For the prolific plant propagator — Homemade Propagation Station ($19.50+)

I’m guilty of propagating houseplants, to the great annoyance of my husband. Instead of awkward, mismatched glasses dotted around our house, I’m going to suggest he buy me this lovely cedar wood propagation stand. The stand is available for sale singly ($19.50) or can hold up to seven propagation “test tubes” ($56.50). Not only is this a good gift for gardeners on your list but as a former caterer, I can attest that this would make a wonderful wedding centerpiece filled with plant cuttings and live flowers your guests can take home with them after the ceremony.

For the über organized indoor gardener — Houseplant Journal ($12.00)

I’m afraid I don’t fit the bill here, but for those of you who have Type A friends or family who keep meticulous notes on their plant babies, I’ve got the perfect gardening gift: a houseplant journal. This little journal ($12) is small enough to fit in your pants pocket, yet large enough to fill with pertinent info on 21 plants. There’s even room for a sketch of each plant… or a photo for those of us who are artistically bereft. 

For the sister who loves shiny things — Copper Watering Can ($79.99)

Sister, mother, BFF, whomever. This gorgeous handcrafted copper watering can is one of the best gifts for anyone who grows houseplants. The beautiful artisan detail also makes this watering can suitable as decor. As Katie on the seller’s site can attest, “You can tell the seller cares and takes pride in their craft.” Yours for only $79.99!

For the brother who always has a bountiful harvest — Personalized Harvest Basket ($69.00+)
A wood basket with mesh wire on the sides. The basket has "The Secret Garden" engraved on it.

This basket is great for urban foragers, small farmers, and home gardeners. Get your basket personalized to make sure no one claims the fruits of your labor. Worth every cent at $69.

For the grandma who has every kind of ornament — Monarch Life Cycle Ornaments ($17.95+)
Three Christmas ornaments displaying the lifecycle of the monarch, from caterpillar, to cocoon, to a butterfly.

We bet Grandma doesn’t have this one! This set of three ornaments shows the different stages of the monarch butterfly’s life cycle. A great gift for gardeners and grandmas alike. Buy just one ornament for $17.95 or get the whole set for $49.95.

For the modern plant mom — Ombre Concrete Pot ($16.99+)
Two concrete pots sitting on top of a table. Both pots are painted with grey brushstrokes on the bottom half, and offwhite on the top. One pot contains a plant.

With a minimalistic vibe, this ombre pigmented concrete plant pot ($16.99 and up) is sure to please the urban dweller. This plant pot comes in three sizes, matching tray ($6 and up) sold separately. Each pot is made to order resulting in a unique appearance. 

For the retro plant dad — Disco Ball Hanging Planter ($35.00+)
A disco ball hanging planter with a plant in it.

This retro disco ball hanging planter is perfect for my hubby who created an entire disco room (really!). A self-avowed “plant guy,” I know he’ll dance the night away under the sway of a pothos hanging plant! Available in four sizes starting at $35.

For the Victorian botanist — Wardian Case Terrarium ($89.50)
A wardian case terrarium with plants inside

This Victorian-style Wardian case ($89.50) is ideal for the history lover in your life. These early terrariums were used to ship exotic plant specimens to Europe in the 19th century. Shipping for this 21st century terrarium, however, is free. So why not start a botany lab?

For the old world gardener — Handmade Wooden Dibble ($35.00)

Another good gift for gardeners is the dibble. This particular dibble ($35) is made from hardwood, sanded and marked in inch long planting increments, making it invaluable for gauging planting depth for bulb planting and the like. Purchaser Mgthomas 4 says, “It’s beautiful, great craftsmanship.”

For the Japanese gardening sensei — Bonsai Seed Starter Kit ($24.99)
Bonsai starter kit.

This bonsai kit is a fantastic Christmas gift for Mom and Dad who seem to already have everything! The kit contains everything needed to grow, not one, but four different types of mini bonsai trees that can be started indoors or out by following the step-by-step included instructions. A bargain at just $24.99. 

For the festive fairy gardener — Fairy Garden Christmas Wreath ($12.00)
A small plastic Christmas wreath with fake pinecones and snow. Big enough for a fairy garden.

Fairy gardens are all the rage, so it’s likely someone you know is in need of a miniature fairy garden Christmas wreath. Made of grapevine and other assorted materials, these tiny wreaths ($12) make wonderful holiday tree ornaments or even wee Christmas décor for a doll’s house.  

For the friend who got into crafting during COVID — Air Plant Terrarium Kit ($25.95)

This pandemic had many of us crafting our little hearts out. Give the gift of an air plant terrarium kit ($25.95) to all your friends who still can’t stop crafting and need a new project. The kit comes with everything they need to fill the terrarium, all in a lovely gift box with a printed gift message personalized by YOU!

For the girlfriend who wants to be a mermaid — Jellyfish Air Plants ($31.00)
Air plants in decorative vases that look like jellyfish when turned upside down.

Sure you can get your girlfriend a mermaid tail but better yet, buy her the gift of fresh air in the form of an adorably packaged air plant (tillandsia) suspended in a natural sea urchin shell. This set of four air plants will help to keep the air fresh and clean for $31. I wonder if you can hear the ocean.

For the daughter who wants to be a woodland fairy — DIY Moss Wall Art Kit ($40.00+)
A frame with moss art inside. Beside it is a close-up of the moss.

Give your nature lover a DIY moss wall art kit. Available in four sizes from $40-55, this kit comes with everything your hippie tree hugging Grandma or your mini Greta Thunberg will need to bring the outdoors in. 

For the gastronomical gardener — Microgreens Grow Kit ($35.00)

Need a Christmas gift for gardeners and foodies? We’ve got you covered with the five-star rated hydroponic microgreens grow kit ($35) from Skyhaven Harvest. Their kit comes with detailed instructions and everything your epicurean needs to grow nutrient rich microgreens. Plus, additional grow mats and seeds are available from the seller, which makes this the gift that keeps on giving. 

For the son-in-law who wants to spice up his life — Herb Garden Markers ($15.50)
Wooden herb markers for various herbs.

These untreated wood herb garden markers ($15.50) make terrific stocking stuffers for your son-in-law or any of your foodie friends. You’ll have them singing the classic Simon and Garfunkel tune… although they’ll have to ad-lib some lyrics to include the five other popular herb labels included in this set of eight eco-friendly markers! 

For the boyfriend who loves borscht — Heirloom Beet Seeds ($4.69)

Give your honey a jump on his spring planting with this heirloom (non GMO) rainbow beet collection ($4.69). The abundant collection of over 300 beet seeds makes a perfect accompaniment to the above microgreens grow kit…because if you didn’t already know, beet microgreens are delicious (and often hot pink!) on sandos and in salads. Now that’s a sandwich! 

For the manic pixie dream gardener — Radish Gardening Gloves ($23.00)

These gloves are so adorable your gift recipient will smile every time they pull a weed! These charming screen-printed radishes are one size fits all and as one buyer, Katie Mercer reports, “Cute as a bug’s ear!” Keep your hands clean for $23. 

For the rebel who likes to relax with an herbal candle — “Sage Against The Machine” Candle ($24.99+)
Two candles that read "sage against the machine"

No raging here, only the soothing aroma of a small batch, hand poured, coconut wax candle with the enervating scents of lavender, chamomile, camphor, sage, rosemary, sandalwood, and cedar. Available in two sizes, 7 or 10 ounce ($24.99 and $32.99 respectively) with a crackling wood wick and some of the best reviews I’ve seen on ETSY. The larger size burns for a staggering 70 hours. I need one of these. 

For the boho minimalist — Wildflower Ring ($69.00)
A ring with an engraved wildflower.

You can’t get much better than a resounding recommendation from Gardening Know How editor Laura, who says, “This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever. It’s so dainty and cute! And packaged with such care. It even comes with a polishing cloth to keep it shiny and bright!” Adorable hand stamped ring available in sterling silver or 14K gold filled and starting at $69.00. Are we doing a work gift exchange? Hint, hint. 

For the friend who wants to try floral arranging — Dried Apricot Strawflowers ($24.95)

This is right up my alley. I adore growing and drying flowers and arranging them, and have had to use this passion on more than one occasion at weddings I’ve catered. What could be better than these dried apricot strawflowers? Included in the bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres, or incorporated into table centerpieces, the bride and her guests can have a piece of her wedding for years to come. A 3 oz bunch of 20-25 dried apricot blooms comes out to $24.95.

For the retiree who’s now a full-time gardener — Personalized Garden Mug ($15.50)
A mug that reads "I will be in my office," with an illustration of a person gardening.

What to get for your retiring coworker? One of the best gifts is this ceramic coffee mug that you can personalize with her hair color and name. Really tell her how much you’ll miss her with this personal gift, and remind her what the future has in store for her… lots and lots of gardening! Available in several colors for $15.50 and packaged in a lovely gift box with bow and name tag. 

For the long-term planner — Multi-Year Garden Journal ($12.99)

The perfect gardening related gift for the journaler in your life is this sturdy, hardback multi-year garden journal filled with helpful charts, goals, and record keeping pages. The long-term planner will appreciate the plentiful (160 page), archival quality acid-free paper with elastic closure that fits perfectly in the average sized tool bag. Available for $12.99. 

For those who like to dig in the mud — Personalized Bumble Bee Garden Stake ($43.00)

This personalized bumble bee garden stake is one of the best gifts ever! I can say that because I have gifted it to family members twice! The metal sign is available in several finishes, but I opted for the raw steel figuring it would patina (rust) naturally outside. You can personalize this cute little bumbler with three lines of text; for my sister it was “The Dirt Farm.” This quality, handmade sign is only $43 and the seller Makertable also ships for free!

For the uncle who’s obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright — Craftsman Bird Feeder/Lantern ($79.00)

For the person in your life who’s crazy about Craftsman style design. We all know one… Have fun putting together this wooden bird feeder/lantern like a puzzle.  No glue or tools required, just punch out the pieces and assemble. Form and function starting at only $79. 

For the husband who values form and function — Wooden Folding Chair ($275.00)

My husband will love these! The simple lines belie the quality craftsmanship of these Kentucky stick chairs (Adirondack) made of kiln-dried Southern yellow pine. Available in four finishes, the chairs are finished with a light top coat to protect from the elements. Oh, and did I mention they fold? They do fold, making them perfect for beach days, picnics, and other outdoor activities. These chairs are true pieces of functional art and a steal at $275.   

For the farmer at heart — Tractor Crossing Sign ($34.95)
A yellow diamond sign with a black tractor image on it.

GKH editor Laura got this tractor crossing sign for her wannabe farmer father. He loved it and hung it up in his “barn.” If you’re thinking ahead, this aluminum cautionary tractor sign would be a terrific gift for Father’s day or Dad’s next birthday. Even if Dad doesn’t own a riding lawn mower, let alone a tractor, he can still have the proper signage for $34.95.  

So there we go gift givers. Gardening Know How’s top 30 gardening gifts available from small businesses on Etsy, where sellers love what they do.

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