Weed Man Lawn Care Review

Weed Man Lawn Care Review

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Even for small yards, lawn care can be a big job, and many people turn to professional services to make sure their lawn is looking healthy and verdant. Weed Man is one of these lawn care services, a nationwide company with more than 150 locations in 38 states. The company boasts 45 years in operation and a “promises kept” philosophy.

Of course, it’s easy for a big company to claim they keep their promises — but do their customers say the same thing? 

In this review, we’ll take a look at Weed Man’s services, prices, availability, and customer reviews. We’ll compare it to one of its competitors so you can see how it stacks up. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of whether Weed Man is a good fit for your lawn maintenance needs.

It should be noted that our team ultimately found TruGreen to be the best all-around lawn care company due to their comprehensive service packages.

Call 877-386-6512 or fill out this simple form to get a free quote from TruGreen. Keep reading for our full review of Weed Man.

Weed Man Plans

Weed Man offers more than a dozen different lawn care services from aeration to weed control that you can order in a la carte style. They don’t offer specially priced bundles of services like TruGreen does, but if you have a specific issue with your lawn that only requires one or two treatments, you won’t end up paying for things you don’t need.

Soil pH Control and Revitalizer

Soil pH refers to the acidity or alkalinity of the dirt. An ideal pH in most climates is 6.5, meaning the soil should be very slightly acidic. A pH that is too high or too low can kill plants and keep seeds from germinating. Weed Man’s technicians will test the pH of your soil and provide treatments to fix any imbalances.

The addition of lime will make the soil more basic, and sulfur will make the soil more acidic. Weed Man can also use a combination of humic acid and microbes to revitalize the soil and make the plants that grow there more resilient. If the basis of the soil in your yard is clay or sand, soil revitalizer will make a world of difference.

Lawn Seeding

Once the soil has been properly prepared, Weed Man will find the right time to apply seeds to fill out your existing grass. You’ll need to water your lawn frequently after it’s been seeded.

Mechanical Core Aeration

Even loose soil can become compacted from weather and foot traffic. Soil compaction can prevent water and fertilizer from reaching plant roots, so it’s important to aerate your lawn about once a year. Weed Man uses the common mechanical core method, digging up small plugs of dirt and allowing them to naturally recombine with the rest of the soil, giving it a better structure and improving drainage. This process requires special machinery that most homeowners won’t use often enough to purchase — or want to store in the shed — so it makes sense to hire professionals for this task.

Lawn Fertilization

You probably know you should fertilize your grass from time to time, but what fertilizer should you use? How often should you apply it, and what tools will you need? How much should you apply at once? The professionals at Weed Man know the answers to these questions, and they can set up a fertilizing schedule that will provide the best benefits for your lawn’s needs. Weed Man’s proprietary fertilizer blend promises to create a healthier lawn that’s more resistant to disease and drought.

Disease Prevention and Elimination

Pests you can see aren’t the only threat to your lawn’s health and appearance. A number of plant-based diseases like snow mold and dollar spot can infect your grass if you’re not careful, and determining which disease is causing the problem is not an easy task. The technicians at Weed Man are trained to recognize signs of the most common lawn ailments, and Weed Man’s services can also help you prevent the next infection before it starts.

Weed Control

Weeds are unsightly, fast-growing, and – worst of all – a pain in the neck to remove without harming your grass or other plants. As the name implies, Weed Man specializes in treating stubborn broadleaf weed infestations and preventing them from returning.

Invasive Grass Elimination

Not all grass is created equal, and you want a lawn full of rich green vegetation, not the sparse, dull clumps that some invasive grass species can provide. Weed Man specifically helps eliminate the following types of grass:

  • Bermuda grass
  • Crabgrass
  • Dallisgrass
  • Nutsedge

In some instances, moss and other invasive species like kudzu or English ivy can pose a stubborn problem to homeowners. The technicians at Weed Man have experience with identifying possible invasive plants, eliminating them, and treating the area to prevent their return.

Pest Prevention and Control

Many plants need insect life to provide nutrients or spread pollen, but the wrong types of insects can distress and even kill grasses, trees, and shrubs. Other insects simply make an outdoor space uncomfortable, which is the last thing you want from your lawn. Ideally, you’ll work with a lawn care specialist to prevent destructive insects from gaining a foothold in the first place, but if you’ve already got an infestation going, all hope is not lost.

Finding the right pesticide isn’t enough – you need to take into account the size of the infestation and know when it is in the pest’s life cycle to treat for it. Here are some of the pests that Weed Man can help prevent and/or eliminate:

  • Fire ants
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Mosquitoes
  • White grubs
  • Surface insects including cutworms, sod webworms, and chinch bugs

Some insects can attract larger animals who like to snack on them. White grubs in particular are a favorite food of moles, and you may end up with a yard full of tunnels just under the surface. Luckily, Weed Man offers treatment for moles, as well. Once their food source is eliminated, they are unlikely to return.

Organic Lawn Dressing

You may not want a perfect lawn at the cost of the broader environment, and if that’s the case, Weed Man has products that satisfy your concerns. In combination with its other services, technicians will apply a thin layer of organic top dressing to your existing turf without smothering the grass already in place. This dressing will filter down and further improve the soil quality. 

But Weed Man doesn’t cover everything. You can read the table below to find out what the lawn care company covers, and what it doesn’t. 

Weed Man offers…Weed Man does not offer…
✔  Soil analysis
✔  Seeding
✔  Aeration
✔  Disease control/prevention
✔  Weed control/prevention
✔ Invasive grass elimination 
✔  Pest control/prevention
✔  Organic top dressing
🗶  Mowing or trimming
🗶  Lawn clean-up
🗶  Tree and shrub service
🗶  Regular maintenance visits

Weed Man Cost

Weed Man, like many nationwide lawn care services, doesn’t list the cost of their services on their site. Because they cover such a wide geographic area and because lawns vary so much, their prices depend on a number of different factors. In particular, Weed Man bases their estimates on lawn size, so you will need to provide your address to receive a free quote. If your yard is not already in their database, they will measure the square footage by satellite imagery and respond to you with an estimated cost.

Weed Man Availability

As a national company with more than 150 local franchises, Weed Man does have some advantages over local lawn maintenance services. For one, its substantial online presence makes requesting a free quote, paying for services, and looking up Weed Man lawn care reviews remarkably easy. Weed Man has a good reputation in the industry, and all of its technicians must meet certain standards of quality for the local owner to retain the franchise.

Although Weed Man bills itself as a nationwide brand, it is not available in certain areas of the country, mostly in the Northeast and Southwest. Weed Man does not serve the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • North Dakota
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont

However, Weed Man does have numerous locations in large states like Texas and California, so you’ll want to check out their location page to see if there’s a branch near you.

Weed Man Reviews

Since Weed Man is a large company with many independently owned franchises, it’s a little difficult to get a picture of the organization as a whole. The reviews you’ll see online typically discuss only one branch of the company, so take care to look at the specific region that a certain review is from. We’ll discuss some broad points here, but it’s probably worth searching reviews for the location nearest you, as well.

The Better Business Bureau website features profiles of the company by state. Reviews at the state level vary from A- to A+, but are typically excellent. Weed Man is not accredited by the BBB, but it’s worth keeping in mind that businesses must pay a fee to receive accreditation. Here’s a sample of reviews from several different locations.

Madison, WI: Nadine F., 5 stars, 10/15/17

After just 1 year of having Weed Man lawn service our lawn looks 100% better! Very knowledgeable staff and very professional. They really do a wonderful job.

Madison, WI: Elizabeth R., 1 star, 1/23/19

This company does not take no for an answer. I had to tell the salesman no 4 times and physically get in my truck before he started to leave.

Roswell, GA: Chris B, 1 star, 9/25/19

I was very disappointed in the service that I received from Weed Man. They came out to my home apply their treatment and after 6+ treatments it was apparent that their product was not working.

Meridian, ID: Pam P., 5 stars, 4/18/19

Very easy to work with and they have done an excellent job on my lawn at a reasonable rate.

As you can see, some customers are very satisfied, but others have complaints about upselling practices. However, a Weed Man customer service representative has replied to many of the negative reviews to apologize and attempt to resolve the issue.

Our Verdict on Weed Man

Although Weed Man does have a good reputation in the industry and with the BBB, the negative complaints do give us pause. High-pressure sales tactics and customer service issues seem to be somewhat common. Still, the location nearest you might be free of these problems, and there’s no doubt that Weed Man offers a wide variety of services. If you have specific lawn-related problems, it’s worth requesting a free quote from their online form

✔  Nationwide presence with 150+ locations
✔  Wide selection of services
✔  Good reputation and longevity in the lawn care industry
✔  High rating from BBB
✔  Reliably responds to consumer complaints
✔  Eco-friendly options
✔  Free online quote
🗶  Not available in 12 states
🗶  No comprehensive and discounted lawn care packages available
🗶  Not BBB accredited
🗶  No tree and shrub maintenance
🗶  Mixed consumer reviews for customer service

Our Recommendation for Lawn Care: TruGreen

TruGreen Banner

If you’re looking for the more comprehensive lawn maintenance than a yearly program can provide, consider TruGreen, our recommended lawn care company. With TruGreen, you select the level of attention that your lawn needs and work out a maintenance schedule that can include soil analysis, fertilization, aeration, weed control, and more. TruGreen has all the benefits of a company with national reach, and great ease of use. 

Fill out their easy online form or call 877-386-6512 to get a free estimate.

Weed ManTruGreen
Available in 38 statesAvailable in 48 states
A la carte services onlyIndividual services and comprehensive packages available
Not BBB accredited, A ratingBBB accredited, A+ rating
No tree or shrub serviceTree and shrub service available and included in some packages

Like Weed Man, TruGreen is a nationwide company with a substantial online presence. TruGreen even has an app for easy communication and payment.While the final decision will depend on your budget and your lawn’s needs, we recommend TruGreen.

Fill out their easy online form or call 877-386-6512 to get a free estimate.

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