Information About African Violets

African Violet Plants – How To Grow African Violets

African violet plants have a few quirks, but learning about them and the proper care of African violets can make growing the plants less intimidating. This article has more information.

Reasons African Violets Are Leggy: Fixing Leggy African Violets

Just as age changes our bodies, age can change a plant’s shape and structure as well. For instance, with age, African violets can develop long bare necks. Learn what you can do when African violets are leggy in this article.

Yellow African Violet Leaves: What To Do When African Violet Leaves Are Yellow

When African violet leaves are yellow, the plant is signaling trouble. Knowing how to take care of yellowing African violets can minimize issues but may also be a natural part of the growth process. This article will help sort things out.

Starting An African Violet – Growing African Violet Plants With Seeds

African violets can be grown from seed. It's a little more time consuming than starting cuttings but you will end up with many more plants. Read here to learn more about how to start African violets from seed.

Tips For Easy African Violet Propagation

Propagating African violet plants is very easy. There are several ways to accomplish propagating African violet plants, growing from seed, rooting African violets and by division. Learn more here.