Information About Crown Of Thorns Plants

Cutting Back Crown Of Thorns: How To Prune A Crown Of Thorns Plant

Most types of crown of thorns have a natural, branching growth habit, so extensive crown of thorns pruning isn’t generally needed. However, some fast-growing or bushier types may benefit from pruning or thinning. Click here to learn the basics of pruning crown of thorns.

Crown Of Thorns Euphorbia: Tips On Growing Crown Of Thorns Outdoors

Heat tolerant and drought resistant, the crown of thorns plant is a real gem. Usually seen as houseplants, you can plant crown of thorns in the garden in warm climates. For tips about growing crown of thorns outdoors, this article will help.

Crown Of Thorns Plant Propagation – How To Propagate Crown Of Thorns

Crown of thorns plant propagation is generally through cuttings, which is a fast method of establishing the plant. They can produce seed if they bloom, but germination is fickle and it is much easier to establish plants from cuttings. This article will help.

Euphorbia Crown Of Thorns Growing: Learn About Crown Of Thorns Houseplant Care

In the right setting, Euphorbia crown of thorns bloom almost year round. So if you’re looking for a plant that thrives in the conditions inside most homes, try the crown of thorns plant. Read here for more info.