Growing Dracaena In The Garden – Can You Plant Dracaena Outdoors

Dracaena Outdoors In The Yard
outdoor dracaena
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Dracaena is one of the most commonly sold houseplants, but dracaena in the garden outside is more less common. This is a beloved houseplant but not everyone can grow it outdoors. It requires constant warmth, so only attempt this if you have a warm, near tropical climate.

Can You Plant Dracaena Outdoors?

Dracaena varieties are among the most popular houseplants because they have gorgeous foliage, come in a lot of different sizes and colors, and because they are difficult to kill. One sure way to kill your dracaena is to plant it outdoors in a climate that is too cold. Dracaena is a tropical plant that won’t tolerate frost. If you live in zones 9, 10, or 11 though, go for it. Dracaena thrives outdoors in areas that are frost free. Zone 9 can be a little risky in the winter months. If you live somewhere that gets an occasional frost, be prepared to protect your outdoor dracaena plants with some kind of covering.

Growing Dracaena Outdoors

If you do have the right climate for it, dracaena in the landscape can add drama and beauty. There are so many varieties to choose from with different heights and shapes, leaf colors, leaf patterns, and textures. These plants aren’t too picky, so nearly any soil type will do. They do best in richer soils, though, so add compost or other organic material to give it the best conditions. For light, choose a spot that is not in direct sun. Most dracaena do best with a lot of indirect light but not too much shade. Make sure your plant gets enough water but avoid standing water. It should be somewhere with soil that drains well. Use a basic fertilizer every couple weeks during the growing season to encourage more growth. Be sure that you know the specific needs of any dracaena variety you choose. They should be very similar, but there may be some differences, especially in size and how much space the plants need. Some varieties stay low, while others grow up to several feet (1 m.) tall. Once your dracaena is established outside, you won’t have to give it much attention or care. These plants are famously easy to grow and this is true of growing them outdoors too as long as you give them the right conditions.

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